Monday, June 8, 2020

What I've Been Reading this Week...

Here are a few articles I've been reading this week and wanted to share...

11 Ways to Use Up Leftover Taco Meat

The Novel Frugality

The Impulse to Garden in Hard Times has Deep Roots

25 Easy Pasta Salad Recipes

25 Habits that can Lead to Financial Ruin

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  1. I like the taco meat ideas. We can buy 1 pound already cooked taco meat at our Kwik trip, and for just three of us, there is usually lefotvers, plus, it would be easy to just buy intnetionally for these ideas. It's around $3, and ocnsdering it is already cooked, no waste through cooking down.

    1. That sounds great, Sam. So much cheaper than ground beef at the store too right now. Tacos is one of our favorite meals here.

  2. We read the same The ones I had not read were very interesting. Most of these we need to reread.


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