Monday, June 29, 2020

Menu Monday

We did our monthly grocery haul this past Friday, so had plenty of food on hand for meals. 

This was my original  meal plan, sides to be determined later:

1. Tacos
2. Teriyaki Chicken
3. Salmon Patties, Mashed Potatoes, Green Peas
4. Spaghetti
5. Beans, Green, & Potatoes
6. Grilled Chicken
7. Smoked Sausage

This is what we ended up with this week:

Sunday: I had a small can of crab in my pantry, so I made an Impossible Crab Pie for dinner. I served it with mashed potatoes with gravy and corn. Impossible Crab Pie, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, and Corn. 

Monday: On my last grocery pickup order, I ordered ground beef , but they didn't have any and I have been wanting tacos. So, I decided to make Taco Style Lentils & Rice. We had all the other fixings for tacos such as tortillas, lettuce, cheese, onions, sour cream, and taco sauce. 
Taco Style Lentils & Rice Tacos with all the fixings. 

Tuesday: Homemade Pizza. Homemade Pizza 

Wednesday: We had a repeat of Monday night's dinner and then I put the rest of the lentils in the freezer for future meals. 
Taco Style Lentils & Rice Tacos with all the fixings. 

Thursday: We are going grocery shopping tomorrow, so I had a motley crew of items for dinner tonight. Baked beans with bacon, corn, the last of the pasta salad, and buttered bread. It worked. Baked Beans, Corn, Pasta Salad, Bread & Butter. 

Friday: This was our big monthly grocery haul day and we were wiped out by the end of the day. I ended up making nachos for dinner with lots of chopped up vegetables such as onions, peppers and tomatoes. Nachos will all the fixings. 

Saturday: We were able to get hamburger meat on our grocery order, so we had hamburgers for dinner.  Hamburgers with cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, and pickles along with potato chips. 

Sunday: There was a small amount of hamburger left to cook with, so I made a small taco salad for dinner.  Taco Salad. 

Here is what I'm planning for next week, sides to be determined later:

Tacos & Dos Bros Corn Salsa

Ramen Asian Noodle Salad
Baked Vegetable Egg Rolls
 Polska Kielbasa, Mac & Cheese
Subway Sandwiches
Loaded Baked Potatoes
(Cheese, Green Onions, Black Olives, Sour Cream, Butter, Bacon Bits, Chives)

Of course this could change at a moment's notice, but this is where we are right now. :)

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  1. I love the "motley crew of items". I think we all have that same dinner weekly using whatever crew members happen to be lingering in our fridges.

  2. Everything sounds delicious. And so much variety.
    That's what I lack most days. Because I don't cook daily, I tend to eat leftovers for 2-3 days, with very slight variations. :)

    1. Thank you, Nil. I love to eat leftovers for days. I made a Taco Salad this week that lasted for two days. Those are the best days to me. :)

  3. I tired your Lentil Taco recipe and LOVED it! I'm a gluten free, Pescatarian, and it's hard sometimes to find something different, that is easy & tasty! This recipe was so good! (I used it to make "haystacks!"

    1. Oh, how neat, Barb. I'm so glad you tried and liked it! It's definitely a keeper. :)

  4. It all sounds really good-this coming weeks menu as well. I keep meaning to ask. What is the delicious looking food in the picture in the blue pan? My motley crew yesterday was mushrooms and spinach that had to go. I made my daughter a massive potato and egg scrambler-a mock of a Perkins meal.

    1. The picture in the header? Those are individually wrapped slices of banana bread for the freezer. Easy to take out for lunches.

  5. I struggle to stick to a dinner plan. I wing it with what ever we have on hand. :-)

    1. I really understand that, Lisa. We do the same thing at times.


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