Sunday, August 7, 2016

Saving Money on Cheese

One way we save money on cheese is by shopping and buying it at Sam's Club. 

We can buy the two pound block of cheese for $3.98. That works out to $1.00 for the eight ounce block of cheese, which is a terrific price. 

The cheapest I can find the eight ounce block around here is between $1.50 and $2.50 each. The $1.50 price being more pre-2008-recession, so you can see the savings with buying it from Sam's Club.  

We went to Sam's club this week and bought two of the two pound blocks of cheddar cheese and also a five pound block of mozzarella cheese.  

I use my Salad Shooter to grate the cheese. I do have a small hand grater to use on smaller projects, but when I buy this much cheese and want to shred it quickly, I pull out my Salad Shooter. 

Today I grated all the cheese and placed it into zippered bags to make it more convenient to use. I will place several of these into the freezer so they won't go to waste. 

I also bought some pepperoni, so I can make more pizza kits for the freezer. 

Taking the time to grate my own cheese is definitely worth the savings that I get in the end. 

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. Great savings! We have a Costco membership. My daughter got a fantastic deal on a Groupon for Costco. You do need to know your prices to save at warehouse stores.
    Have a great week

  2. Thanks, Patti, I've not been to Costco, but have always wondered about it. There is one here in Fort Oglethorpe, maybe someday we will get a free pass to check it out. :)

  3. You are allowed to go into Costco without a membership if it is for the pharmacy, I know. Check it out. Carry a prescription bottle with you. You may be surprised to find a hefty saving on a prescription or two. It is not deceptive. No need for membership to get scripts at Sam's either.

    1. Thank you, Anna. I did not know that about Sam's Club and Costco. Such good information to have. Their (Sam's Club) savings on over the counter meds is terrific.

    2. No OTC drugs may be bought without a membership at Sam's or Costco; however, you could check OTC pharmacy prices and perhaps other store prices. I have a couple of scripts to price-check at Costco, but for me, the price decrease would need to be a hefty decrease, which I have had in the past. Check Google for Sam's and Costco current pharmacy. In TN, I am fairly certain that pharmacy scripts are without membership. Will check myself.

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