Saturday, August 13, 2016

IGA Meat Deals

IGA has the country style pork ribs on sale this week for 99¢ a pound, which is the lowest price we see them for here. We like to make them in the crock pot with barbecue sauce.  Time to stock up on them. 

I dropped off the garbage this morning and went to get some and ended up buying four packages. I have one of them going in the crockpot now and put the other three packages in the freezer. 

I also found two packages of meat on markdown. One was one pound of ground beef with a $3.00 off coupon, which I bought for $2.03. I'm going to make taco salad with it for lunch today. 

The other was a package of pork cut up like beef stew, which was $2.00. I was standing there wondering what to do with it, but I bought it. I can make a pork fried rice or something with it sometime. It was too good of a price to pass up today. I also put it in the freezer as well. 

So, for dinner tonight I will serve the ribs with mashed potatoes and green beans with onions and olive oil for seasoning. I've also already made a gallon of sweet iced tea for dinner. 

What's for dinner at your house today?

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. Nice deals! what about a crock pot, pork stew?

  2. We are having hot and sweet sausage in the crock pot for sandwiches with green peppers, onions, and pasta sauce. I am making a salad and fries too. Cheryl

    1. Cheryl, that sounds so good! Where I grew up near Chicago they used to make Italian Beef Sandwiches with Italian Sausage and called it a combo. They were so good. :)

  3. My bargain of the week was boneless, skinless chicken breasts on a markdown at $.99 a pound. Four chicken breasts for $3.38. They are in the freezer.

    Great buy on the pork. We love pork here.

    No dinner here since we were at a firefighters softball game all day. Some of the firefighters smoked pork overnight and made fabulous pulled pork sandwiches. Amazing....

    1. Wow, Mary Lou, that is GREAT price for boneless, skinless chicken breasts! I would have some of that in my freezer as well.

      Your pulled pork sandwiches sound good too, we like those here as well. :)


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