Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Good morning to all my frugal readers. :)

Today is Wednesday and I have the day off, which is nice because I have several things, paperwise, that I need to work on today. I worked yesterday and I'm working the next two days, so today will give me a bit of a mental break and I can get some other things done. 

Today was bill paying day for me. I have expenses during the month of January that I don't normally have every month, which falls under the periodic expenses section of my budget. Auto Insurance, license plate renewal, Insurance membership yearly renewal, are all things I paid today. There was a statewide auto Insurance increase, which raised the cost of my insurance about $20 or $6.00 per month. seems like everything but gas is going up in price right now, but I'm still happy over the price of gas, which is $1.65 here right now. 

Grocery Store Run

Since I was off this morning, I stopped off at Fresh & Low to pick up some things. I'm glad I did as I went in there to buy some flour tortillas to make my daughter some pinwheels. I found a great deal. They had the Chi-Chi's flour tortillas priced at $1.60, but they had coupons on them for $1.00 off a package. How great is that? I love it when products have peelies on them. I paid 60¢ for each package and bought 9 of them. I also picked up corn chips, chili beans, black olives, pepperoni, batteries, potato chips, and feminine products and ended up spending $36.75. 

WFD Tonight

Tonight for dinner I am going to make pizzas. I have several cans of Pillsbury crescent rolls on hand that I bought for 25¢ on close out, because they are close to the expiration date, and I am going to use those for the crust. I already have spaghetti sauce on hand and I bought pepperoni and black olives this morning to top them with. 

I'll leave you with this thought this afternoon...

Simply live by the rule of not spending money you don't have. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a very productive day, Belinda! Enjoy your pizza supper. I'm making a pot of vegetarian chili and a pan of cornbread for supper, tonight.

    1. Thank you, Lili. I love checking things off my to-do list. :) You supper sounds delicious. :)

  2. Good buys. I am buying flour tortillas at Sam's today.

    Our car insurance also increased, $100 per 6 months. I phoned insurance agent's office and was able to lower $100 to $54, saving $46 for a 6-month period. If rates remain the same after 6 months, I will pay $92 less for this year.

    Another saving that may help someone concerns prescription anti-infection ointment. A chronic illness depletes 2 vitamins, which then cause chronic skin scabs (large and small). PCP prescribed anti-infection ointment that costs $52 and has short usage time. After paying $52 for prescription, I sought another answer.

    Through the years, Dollar General's over-the-counter medications have been reasonablly priced and effective. For $2.50, it sells a one-ounce tube similar to Neosporin (petroleum jelly based). Thereafter for $49.50 less, my skin problem is slowly healing, which it was not doing with the prescription. Affecting large areas of my face, back, and arms, large amounts of the medication are needed. 4 tubes at Dollar General saved me $94.

    Ah, $94 saved at Dollar General help to compensate for car insurance increase.

    We may be spending for different services/items, but our goals are the same: Stretch our income. Thanks, Belinda.

    1. Definitely, our goals are the same to stretch our income. :) Sounds like you've been busy saving money too. I know you are like me in that regards we love to save money. :)

  3. Great find on the flour tortillas. I love it when I find sales like that.


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