Monday, January 19, 2015

Cuisipro Foam Pump

Pictured above is a Cuisipro Foam Pump that we received as a Christmas present last month. I've used foam soap pumps before and even have a Bath & Body Works one at the kitchen sink, which I am reusing. I have this soap pump by the bathroom sink and I really like it. 

First off, it has a suction cup at the bottom of it, so it stays in place instead of careening off the edge of the sink when it's almost empty. (I've had to rescue more than one bottle of soap for that reason). Also, the bottle comes off the suction cup in order for you to refill it. 

All I have to do is add about 1/4's worth of liquid soap into the container and fill the rest with water. I've been using the same container of body wash since Christmas to refill this foam pump and and still have over 2/3s of the body wash in the bottle left to be used.  A record for us here. 

Also, according to the manufacturer, this pump is made of a durable plastic that will not break, crack or peel. Time will tell on that one as I've had more than one pump go bad on me. I save the good ones and reuse them when one breaks on me. A saved pump has come in handy more than once here. 

I think what I love best about this is according to the website, it will reduce my soap usage up to 75%, which is a lot! We wash our hands multiple times per day here, so if this is going to save me money in the long run, I am all for that.  :)

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