Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ebay, Etsy, Amazon Sales & Are You Throwing Away Money?

My sales on Ebay are still helping me to earn some extra income and now I've opened an Etsy shop for any vintage items I have and I have started selling books on Amazon. 

I'm not sure how well Etsy will do, since they are vintage items and therefore priced higher than Ebay items, but I have already made my first sale there and Etsy charges less fees than Ebay, so it may be worth it in the end. 

Time will tell, but having the extra income from Ebay has helped me a great deal the last six months, so I have plans to continue. In fact, my daughter has been selling things on Ebay as well and she is thrilled to be making some extra spending money. 

Here is a picture of my egg cartons that I save. Did you know that there are things you are probably throwing away that you could sell on Ebay? Things like egg cartons, toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, and even empty inkjet cartridges? Just look at Ebay for these things and you will see for yourself. I've always saved my egg cartons and inkjet cartridges, but now I'm saving toilet paper and paper towel tubes as well. 

Simply live by the rule of not spending money you don't have. 
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  1. I had NO idea that things like egg cartons could fetch any money on eBay! I do save mine, and every few months make a swap with a neighbor for a dozen free eggs in exchange for all of my cartons. But I'll have to look into what all I could sell.
    I'm currently working on my Swagbucks, to earn enough for some gift money with Amazon. I have you to thank for that, Belinda!! Several years ago, I asked you to explain how Swagbucks works, and you so nicely did!. Now I have enough for a nice birthday gift for one of my kids this spring! So, big thanks on always letting us know how to earn a little more money!

    1. You're welcome. I had no idea either, Lili until a month ago or so. I always save them just because. Last time one of the math teachers at school needed some, so I gave them to her. There used to be a lady who bought them for 5¢ each here too for her chicken's eggs. If hear of anything else that can be sold I will be sure to post it.

      Glad to hear you are earning Swagbucks. It helped me to purchase my daughter a tablet that first year I did it for Christmas. I'm so glad you are able to get your children something out of the deal. I just love that. Than you for sharing.

  2. I generally donate my egg cartons to the local food pantry so they can pack up the eggs to give to the clients. Would never think there is that great a demand for them that you could sell them. Interesting!

    1. I had no idea either, Mary Lou until about a month ago. Donating to the food pantry is good too. :)

  3. When added income is needed, I would sell the cartons. Otherwise, good idea to donate to food pantry. Recently, I discovered ways to financially help others in need for years to come. When I presented my idea, the amount to give doubled, which had not entered my thinking.

    Then, DH and I agreed last week that giving more for others' future needs will not affect our personal needs.

    We practice, "Give and it will be given to you."

  4. How wonderful that the amount doubled. I love that. :)

    I also have experienced "give and it will be given to you". I'm counting my blessings today and everyday. :)

  5. We had no thought that our giving would double without our personally needing to give double for others' future needs. Jumping up and down. We are average folk willing to attempt new ideas for us.

    Very unexpectedly recently, our dentist did not charge us $28,000 plus for services that had not been charged. We never asked, hinted, or expected. In fact, we had offered to pay our dentist a year or so ago for a friend's dental needs. Our dentist called our frend to make appointment for service without charge.

    A licensed air-conditioning and heater service provider does not charge for his service. He only charges for supplies.

    Our PCP, specialists' staffs, and pharmacy extend themselves to save us thousands of dollars yearly.

    This month, we saved over $250 using Dollar General med rather than script.

    When DH fully retired last year at age 74, free cell phone service was lost to us. Kiddos offered to share family plan with us, which saves us about $1600 per year. That is substantial.

    We who attempt to stretch our means find unexpected ways. Thanks, Belinda, for willingly sharing.

    1. Wow, that was so nice of your dentist to do that. What wonderful blessings to you. :)

      We do find unexpected ways to stretch our resources and God has richly blessed us and for that we are so grateful.

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