Sunday, September 20, 2015

This Week's Grocery Sale Ads

This week I checked out the grocery store ads online instead of buying a newspaper, which saved me 50¢ in the process. If I had been subbing at the middle school I would have gotten a free newspaper, but I was at a different school with no newspapers. 

Here is the list I initially made. I will check out these deals as time and energy permit, I will check for coupons, and make my decisions as needed. I've already been to IGA, which was a local stop after dropping dd off at school, and I plan on going to Food Lion tonight. I'll go to the other stores on Saturday while my daughter is volunteering. 


Ground chuck $2.99 pound

When I arrived at the meat counter, I noticed the ground beef was on sale for $2.59 per pound, and looked about the same as the ground chuck. Since I planned on making taco meat/chili with this, I went with the cheaper meat and will simply drain it after I am done browning it. 

They also had some good deals on spices. If you recall, I went through a lot of spices this summer and ran out of a few of them, so I have been looking to replenish those. While I was shopping at Walmart last week, I noticed the small jars that used to sell for 50¢ are now $1.00, so I did not buy any of those. While shopping at IGA today I noticed they had large jars for $1.00, so I picked up several of those. 

While I was there I noticed that they had one pound bags of white rice for 59¢, so I bought ten bags. Now I know that brown rice is better for you nutritionally, but when you're truly hungry you're not going to care if your rice is white or brown. :)

IGA has two pound bags of carrots on sale for $1.29 this week. I am still enjoying the two pound bags of carrots I bought last week at Aldi for 49¢. That is the power of shopping the sales. 

Save A Lot

Onions 99¢ pound
Grapes 99¢ pound

Wouldn't you know it that the moment I buy onions for $1.50 they go on sale the very next week for 99¢. That is Murphy's Law for you.  


Sugar (4 pounds) $1.49
20 pounds potatoes $3.49
Ground Chuck $2.99 pound
Pork Sirloin $1.79 pound
Boston Butt Roast $1.29 pound

I could not find the sugar anywhere in the store today, so didn't buy any, but when I was leaving I saw they had it outside the store. Such an odd place to put it. The had two heads of lettuce on the reduced rack for 99¢, so I bought that. I also bought four cans of black olives for 89¢ each. And they had the large jar of strawberry preserves for $2.59, a good price for that item, much better than the smaller jar for $2.27 at Food Lion this week. 

Food Lion

Country Style Pork Ribs $1.49 pound
Food Lion Strawberry Preserves $2.27
Hanover Beans 89¢ (coupons)

The Country Style Pork Ribs were a good buy, so I bought two packages of those. The strawberry preserves did not have the size in the sale ad and were for the small jar, so I did not buy those. I can find a better deal on those elsewhere. I bought four cans of the beans, dark red kidney beans, and had coupons for those. They ended up costing 62¢ each. 


Tuttorrosso Tomatoes (28 ounces) B1G1F (coupon)
Campbell's Soups - $1.00 (coupon)
Mt. Olive Dill Chips - B1G1F
Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Raisin Bread B1G1F

The Tuttorrosso Tomatoes were a good buy, and I had four coupons for 55¢ off three cans, so I bought twelve cans and paid 82¢ per can. I bought ten cans of Campbell's soup, mostly for cooking, like cream of potato and beefy mushroom. The coupon was for $1.00 off five cans and I had two coupons, so 80¢ each.  

I am wiped out this evening. I worked hard today cleaning, doing garbage, and getting groceries and carrying things up and down the stairs. This was my first big paycheck of the year and I stocked up a lot on food this weekend. I finally feel like my pantry is filling up again. I am ready to call it a night. I hope you all have a good evening.  :)

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  1. You have been busy! Congrats on getting that pantry bulked up again.
    My son the teacher is waiting on his first paycheck since July when he left his previous job to take this job.

    1. Thanks, Sluggy. I feel for your son, it is doable to go that long without a paycheck, but it can get rough.

  2. Hi Belinda,
    You did well with the grocery shopping, and especially so, as you probably needed to restock quite a lot, after summer break.

    I use the online ads, too, for the 4 stores which don't send out a free ad (a bundle of ads that come in my mailbox each week). Not buying a newspaper adds up to a lot of savings over the course of a year.

    I hope your week goes well!

    1. Thanks, Lili. :)

      My sister, who lives in Illinois, gets the bundle of ads in her mailbox each week too along with some coupons like for dining out. I wish we got those, but we don't, unfortunately. Maybe someday. I hope you have a great week too. :)

  3. Wondering what recipes you like with cream of potato soup.

    1. Cracker Barrel's Hash Brown Casserole. I don't care for the cream of chicken, but cream of potato works well and tastes great. :)


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