Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Update ~ 9-12-15

This past week I ended up working three days and have three days scheduled for next week as well. I actually missed a call to sub on Thursday because I was away from my phone for about a minute, which was disappointing. I spent Friday night and Saturday doing the usual chores and errands for the week. Cleaning, laundry, garbage, et cetera. Here are some other things that went on this week:

Grocery Shopping

On Thursday since I wasn't subbing, I went to town to do some grocery shopping. I've already made a post about what I bought at Food City, but that was not the only place I shopped that day. I also went to Cooke's because they have the best Crash & Burn section in town these days. 

Cooke's had Red Gold Chili Beans in the C&B section for 45¢ each. Now I normally cook my beans from dried beans, but chili beans are one of the few canned beans I will buy because they have a lovely sauce with them that thickens my chili. And if I can find them on sale, all the better. Finding these for 45¢ was a great deal! I bought 24 cans, which is enough to last me quite a while. 

Another place I stopped at was Aldi because they have two pound bags of carrots on sale this week for 49¢, which is another great price! I bought eight bags of carrots along with one bag of red onions for 99¢. While I was at Cooke's I also bought two - three pound bags of yellow onions for $1.49. I have not been able to find them lately for 99¢, so this was the best deal and I have been out for a couple of weeks. Once I got home they went into pantyhose and were placed in the pantry. I do this so the air circulates around them, which helps them last longer and saves money.  

Free Food

My friend that gives me free food from time to time gave me 15 packages of a store brand macaroni and cheese dinner. Since we do not care for these very much, I took the macaroni out of the boxes and put it into a large plastic container. We were completely out of elbow macaroni, so this was perfect. I figured this would be a good way to use this up into things we like and will eat. Here is a photo of the container with the 15 pounds of macaroni inside. 

Target Clearance Find

I found this griddle on clearance at Target last spring for $18.16, which was marked down from $25.99. I finally pulled it out of the box one day this week when we were ravenous after school. I wanted something I could make quickly and this fit the bill. I made several grilled cheese sandwiches in about half the time it would have taken in a skillet on the stove. The next day I used it to fry canned potatoes and hot dogs. I even grilled the buns on the griddle. 

Twice this week we had hamburgers for dinner. I found a package of Angus beef patties marked down on Thursday, so I made hamburgers for dinner on Thursday and Friday night. On Friday I made fried potatoes to go with them. 


This week in the mail I received a free sample of Nivea lotion and a free tire gauge from Skoll. 

How was your week? 

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  1. Belinda, our Aldi never has regular carrots on sale for such a good price. Baby carrots will go as low as 69¢ but that isn't often. How do you store all those carrots so they don't go bad? Just me and dh now, so I have to be careful I don't overbuy and waste food. Thanks, Cheryl

    1. I store them in my refrigerator, Cheryl. Carrots have a long life and will last for a month or longer when stored this way. We could easily eat two pounds for dinner (our dinners are more plant based than meat based to save money) and I'll serve this at least twice per week, so they will be gone in about one month.

      I knew this was an amazing sale when I saw it and just had to stock up. I know Aldi produce prices vary around the country. Milk prices here are higher than other parts of the county, but we can purchase vegetables at a really decent price.

  2. Does your "free food friend" work at a food distributor? Or, is she just an epic bargain shopper? :-)

    My week was okay. No grocery shopping (big win), but a little eating out. It was a hectic week with my husband traveling, etc. Hopefully next week will be better!

    1. I hope your next week will be better too. :)

      No, my "free food friend" does not work for a food distributor. Good question. She is just a bargain/coupon shopper and likes to share her bounty with others. We do the same thing when we are able to purchase large quantities for pennies. We bought a lot of mustard this year for free and were able to share it with others as well. :)

  3. Do you have a sense of sorrow for those who do not share as I do? No need to have Donald Trump's worth to share from our own storehouse, IMO.

    Up close, I've observed the truly poor share with each other. Do you recall reading that in The Great Depression a soup bone would be passed from family to family to use for flavoring? That was poor.

    18 years ago, a neighbor who was moving shared hosta from a bulb she had cut. Many hostas in my yard today that I enjoy.

    1. Yes, yes, and yes! It does not take much to share with others and we are the better for it. Two ladies also came with my BIL and George yesterday, and they admired some roses in our bathroom, and they went home with some of them too. And they were so happy with them. The hostas your friend shared with you sound lovely. :)


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