Thursday, September 10, 2015

Food City

I just wanted to make a quick blog post about Food City, which has bought out Bi-Lo in our area and is currently in the process of switching over this month. Sale ads come out on Wednesday, and Bi-Lo has stopped putting out ads, so I went online and checked out the Food Lion sale ad in Harrison, Tennessee, which is between here and Chattanooga.  

This week they are having a sale on certain items where if you buy 10 they will take $5.00 off your grocery bill. By using this promotion I was able to buy pinto beans for 69¢ a pound, cream cheese for 99¢, butter for $2.49, and canned vegetables for 39¢. In all I spent $54.34 and had $20.00 taken off my order for this promotion. 

They also had the 48 ounce bottles of vegetable oil for $1.99. 

Here is my order on the conveyor belt... 

I bought four pounds of butter...

2 bottles of vegetable oil...

14 blocks of cream cheese since it has been a long time since we found it for 99¢... 

10 pounds of Pinto Beans for $6.90, which is a great price!  

And I bought some Honeycrisp Apples for $1.69 a pound, a good price for HoneyCrisp.  :)

I also bought 12 cans of vegetables, which you can see on the conveyor belt, but I had not brought them in the house yet. 

The sale ad says their prices will be lower than Bi-Lo prices, but they do not offer double coupons, which Bi-Lo had always done. So time will tell as to whether or not we save money there, but I am pleased with today's purchases and will definitely be checking their sale ad each week. 

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  1. Phone chatting with a Chattanooga friend yesterday, she said she has only 2 different food stores nearby. She would be happy to have your great bargains. Good for you!

    1. Thank you. I like to go to different stores to pay less money in the end and I know not everyone likes to do that. Definitely helps my bottom line though.


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