Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yard Sale Saturday

My daughter and I had the best day today! 

We went out this morning and even though the temperature was in the low 60s, there were several yard sales out and about. I packed drinks and sandwiches and we made a day of it and had the best fun scouting out our deals. 

Here are some of the things we found:

An office chair for my daughter's desk, which cost $5.00. Now we can put the dining room chair back in the dining room. :)

Four dishtowels for $1.50, two hand held mirrors: one for 25¢ and the other was given to us for free when we asked the price. I have been needing a hand held mirror and know this would have cost me approximately $3.00 or more at a retail store, so I was tickled to find these. A four piece set of Tupperware like bowls for side dishes for 10¢, one juice glass for 10¢, one giant bowl for 50¢, and a carafe for 25¢.

A Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, Our Best Recipes, for $1.00.

Two bags...A very clean laptop bag, which I don't think has been used for $1.00 and a new canvas bag for 25¢.

A paper hole punch and rings for 50¢.

A Southern Living magazine for 10¢ and a Jams & Marmalades book for 25¢.

A valance for the dining room window for $1.00. I've been pricing new curtains lately and because of that they are definitely on my yard sale list this summer.

And this is my deal of the day! A Jack LaLanne power juicer, which had only been used two times. These retail for $99.00 and you can see the price tag was $30.00, but I was able to talk her down to $20.00 for this power juicer. Best of all the seller included three recipe booklets and the original warranty and directions. I have always wanted one of these, but was not willing to pay $99 for one, but was more than happy to give $20.00 for one. :) 

We had such a terrific day. We used an application she has on her phone, which scouts out the yard sales and we were able to find them so easily using this application and found even more than we would have without the application. She has been talking all day about how much fun she was having, which made it definitely worthwhile. 

Here is a picture of her trying on the goods at one yard sale:

How did you spend your Saturday? Any yard sales in your area yet?

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  1. Looks like you 2 girls had fun! Great finds, too. I love the blue desk chair and the BH & G cookbook (I always gravitate towards those!), as well as the cheery carafe. Super find on the juicer!
    Our tag sale season doesn't really start until Memorial Day weekend here, just too cold.

    1. Thank you, Carol. We did have fun today. I gravitate towards the cookbooks too as I really enjoy reading them. I'm definitely going to make some carrot juice with the juicer as I've read it is very healthy.

      It's a little bit early here for yard sales too, but with temps in the 60s I guess people were ready and I'm glad they were. One of them was a church yard sale and I'm always happy to support those.

  2. Unfortunately, you would have to shovel the snow away to find the yards around here. We had another storm yesterday, but I digress.

    I love BH&G cookbooks. I have an older ones that I have used for years...great recipes.

    You found some wonderful deals. Those computer chairs can be pricey, never mind the juicer. Good shopping.

    Bailey looks adorable, it's nice you had some girl time together.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

    1. Thank you, Mary Lou. :)

      How much snow have you all had lately? My sister in Illinois had 8 inches the other day and even had a snow day for her daughters, who were thrilled.

      I hope you enjoy your weekend too.

  3. Hi Belinda,
    I am so glad for you and your daughter to have had such a fun, fun day! That's neat about being able to use an ap on the phone to find more sales. I'm looking forward to garage sale time here too!

    You got some real deals. Your yard sale prices are much better than ours. That juicer will be so fantastic this spring and summer, with garden vegetables and all.

    1. Thank you, Lili. I can't wait to use the juicer and see what all we can come up with for sure.

      I did pass up a box of 4 very nice towels and 2 hand towels for $10, which I thought was just too much for second hand towels. They were very nice though.

      I love to yard sale at my sister's house in Illinois. The items are much nicer there, but we still enjoy what we have here too. :0

  4. Sounds like you had a really good day and found some fantastic deals. Well done.
    Here in the UK we don't have yard sales but we do have care boot (trunk) sales on Saturdays and/or Sundays in fields in the summer time (from May to around Sept/Oct) and in large halls/buildings in the winter. We've not been to one for ages - I'm trying to declutter.

    1. Thank you, Carol. Your car boot sales sound like fun! I would love to go to one of those. And I understand about decluttering. We used to live in an area where I would hold yard sales once in the spring and once in the fall, so I could easily get rid of anything I no longer wanted. It's a little bit harder here to do that though.

  5. Belinda, snow around here is such a bad four letter word. We had that blizzard a few weeks ago (2 ft. give or take) and the other day we had another 8-10". It's been a nightmare of a winter.

    I am so over this winter. We need to catch a break now and have some good weather. We deserve it.

    1. Wow, Mary Lou, that is a lot of snow to have to deal with. My brother used to get so tired of the snow that he seriously thought of moving to Florida to get away from it all. Bless your heart, hopefully you can catch a break and get some good weather soon. I'm hoping anyway. :)


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