Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saving Money on Oil Changes

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Purchasing an automobile is one of the  biggest investments you will make during your lifetime probably the second largest investment after your home. Therefore, it is important to protect this valuable investment and that includes changing the oil on a regular basis.  Since this is a necessary task we might as well look for ways to save money on it. 

One way for the ladies to do that is to use Express Oil Change. Today is Tuesday, which is Ladies Day at Express Oil Change, which has locations all across the southern United States. I went today and had the oil changed in our van and since it is Tuesday, I saved $5.00 off the cost of an oil change. 

While I was there they also filled up my windshield washer fluid, which was empty, and filled the two front tires with air. Three things checked off on my to do list makes me a happy camper. 

I'm not fortunate enough to be able to change the oil in the car myself, so I will take my $5.00 savings and be satisfied that I've done the best I can. 

How about you? How do you save money on oil changes or car maintenance? 
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  1. We've found that other than the upside to knowing how to change your own oil that with coupons and careful planning we can have it done rather inexpensively. Since we're running only one vehicle we feel like maintenance really needs to be timely. I look for coupons, customer rewards and things like that to help.

    1. Glad to know I am in good company, Shara. :)


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