Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday & Tuesday Dinner, IGA Run

I made a run to IGA on Monday morning after dropping my daughter off at school. This is what I picked up that day:

 Cranberry Salad – 50¢ (Markdown in the Deli)
Siler Baby Lima Beans -1 pound - $1.49
Carrots – 1 pound – 99¢
2 cans Southgate Chili – $2.00
Lea & Perrins W-shire Sauce – $2.29
Pork Roast $3.91
Pork Roast $5.50
8 pounds potatoes - $2.49

After I came home,  I got busy putting dinner in my crockpots. I put the pork roast with some of the potatoes and carrots in my big crockpot and I put the dried Lima beans & water in the smaller crockpot. I served this with the leftover broccoli from Sunday night's dinner. Here is a picture of one of the dinner plates:

On Tuesday, I came home from work and made a stew out of the remains of the pork, potatoes, and carrots. I added the leftover corn and peas from Sunday night's dinner and we had pork stew for Tuesday's night dinner. 

I fed dinner to four people on Monday night, three people on Tuesday night, and lunch for two people the next day. So, out of this pork roast dinner I was able to make nine meals in all for approximately $1.42 per serving. That certainly beats the price of eating dinner or lunch out of the house. 

Here is a picture of the stew that I included in my lunch the next day:

Have you been stretching any of your meals lately? We would love to read all about it in the comment section. :)

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  1. Belinda,

    I have been known to stretch a chicken until it protests! I can use a while chicken (3-4 lb) in the crock pot for one meal, take the meat off the frame and mix it with BBQ sauce for another meal, then simmer the frame with various spices and veggies (from the first meal), and freeze the stock. This usually will feed five people at each meal.

  2. Yum! The stew reminds me of Brunswick Stew, which I love!

    Other than the turkey I haven't stretched too much lately, but we're working on still clearing out the freezer.

    1. Clearing out the freezer saves so much money, Shara. I know I did that this past summer and it helped me save a lot of money. :)

  3. Your dinners looked yummy.
    I;ve not done much stretching of meals latley but will be after Christmas. Hubby is a taxi driver and work is very slow then so will have to do some stretching then.

    1. Thank you, Carol. I have less work in December as well since school is out for two weeks, so we will be in good company. :)

  4. Yum-that stew sure looks good. I love to make stews out of former roasts. Good grocery dollar stretching there. Meals this week:

    Sun-herb crusted eye of the round, baked pototes, steamed asperagus
    Mon-spaghetti with sausage crumbles in homemade sauce, salad, steamed planned over asperagus
    Tues-turkey-pink bean tacos using Romaine, chopped tomato, Cheddar, taco sauce; Mexicorn
    Wed-enchilladas, using taco night leftovers, side salad again using leftovers
    thurs-planned over enchilladas
    Fri-just me, I am having homefried potatoes, using leftover baked potatoes, scrambled eggs. Keeping it simple!

    1. Thank you, Carol. You've been busy stretching meals this week too.I also like making home fried potatoes using leftover baked potatoes. I always say, If you have potatoes on hand, you can make a meal. :)


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