Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Saving on Medicine

We have three allergy sufferers in our household, and all three of us take a daily allergy pill as a result.  

Pictured above is a package of Loratadine, which is an allergy medication, that I purchase at Sam's Club. This is a 400 count package of Loratadine and it sells for $13.50, which is a little less than four cents per pill/day. I used to buy this at Walmart, which sells the 120 count box below for $13.42 or eleven cents per pill/day. 

I save money by buying this product at Sam's club verses buying it at Walmart or even having a monthly prescription for $4.00. 

Let's look at the savings:

Sam's Club: 4¢ per day equals  $14.60 per year multiplied by three people equals $43.80

Walmart: 11¢ per day equals $40.15 per year multiplied by three people equals $120.45

Monthly RX: 13¢ per day equals $4.00 per year multiplied by three people equals $144.00

Therefore, buying this product at Sam's Club verses Walmart or a monthly prescription saves me $ 76.65 or $100.20 a year, which more than pays for our $40 yearly Sam's Club membership. 

This is just another example of how we save money at the Frugal Workshop and why we enjoy our Sam's Club membership.

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  1. It really pays, doesn't it, to compare prices. We don't have a Sam's nearby, but I do compare different stores for over the counter meds. Two of the stores I shop have buy one, get one sales every few months, and I can stock up on supplements and pain killers at those times.

    1. That is another great option, Lili! I would stock up during those times too. :)

  2. :o) My son is on Loratadine and I am on Cetirizine (generic of zyrtec). We are in NYC boro, so we pay a bit more. However, my cetirizine I get from dhmedical dot com, 100 for $12. They cost over a dollar a pill (1x a day) here, and if I hadn't researched on google, wouldn't know the generic form. Good for you all though!


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