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Wednesday - Mid January Grocery Store Sale Ads

This morning I've been perusing the grocery store sale ads here and made up a list of items we would buy if we get to the stores before Tuesday. The temperature was only 6 degrees this morning and all schools and many businesses are still closed. 

If you are local to me and want a list of all the grocery stores we have for shopping here is my list. Southeast Tennessee Grocery Stores

If you are wanting to save money on your grocery budget, shopping the sale ads each week will help you accomplish this goal. What I buy for my family may be different than what you buy for your family. 

Some things, which might be a good deal for you, may not be on my list. For example, I only have four items on my list for this week because we are currently stocked up, but there are other good sales on meat and other items, which may be of interest to you. 

Food City

Celestial Seasonings Tea
20 count box
$1.99 with card limit of 4
This is normally priced $3.12 at Walmart, so a savings of $1.13 for every box.

Naval Oranges
$5.99 for the 8 pound bag
I paid $9.99 for this same back at Christmas, so another good deal. 


Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail
101 ounce bottle
Buy 1 Get one Free
Save up to $6.49
These are normally priced $4.34 at Walmart, so a savings of $1.09 per bottle.
We always saved these bottles for my Dad as he used them regularly for water storage and they have a good handle on them. 

Food Lion

Whole Chickens 99¢ per pound.

Homemaker at Heart
Mortgage & Debt Free
~ Living within our Means ~
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Proverbs 31:27


  1. I wish my freezer had some room for whole chickens.

    1. I have a little bit of room in mine and may pick up a couple of these IF I go out this weekend. It's just so bitter cold I want to stay home and not get out into this.

  2. It is so cold out there. Stay safe and warm.
    I didn't see any good deals at Kroger this week, and there wasn't much at Food City. I think that I will pick up the chicken at Food Lion, and I need to pick up cat food at Walmart, but I don't think I will be doing much shopping this week.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. I hope you stay safe and warm too. I'm with you, we need very little this week, so won't be doing very much shopping. Kroger is the farthest store from us and I didn't even look at their store ad as I don't want to go that far in the cold, but I do love Kroger so much and wish it were closer to us.

  3. As I said on my blog I am searching the fliers as well. It means making a new 2 week list, but it is much too cold to be out and pushing a cart in parking lots today. Hopefully tomorrow.

    You have some excellent sales.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie. I hope you find some good sales while you are searching the fliers too.

  4. Ads here had nothing much. I am staying out of the stores this week. I am good.

  5. I looked at the ads from the 4 stores I shop and saw absolutely nothing except laundry detergent that is priced in my "buy" price. It is a bleak food ad week here for item i buy.

    1. Seems like everyone is saying that this week. Maybe next week will be better and warmer too! LOL

  6. WOw chicken .99 that is good. I remember the good old days when .49 was a good price.

    1. Oh yes, Kim. I remember those days too. I was in line once behind a lady who was buying whole chickens at Food Lion and she bought a lot of them, and even had a cooler with her to store them.

  7. Wow you have a lot of grocery stores to choose from. There are two grocery stores and a Walmart here. I only shop one of the grocery stores although they basically have the same ads. I do Walmart pick-up and keep a running list so I can make the minimum $35 order without the $6.99 fee. I check the grocery store ad the next town over and if it's really good I'll drive the 15 miles. I have a sister that is a grocery store junkie and when I'm out with her we check out grocery stores lol. Once she had an appointment in the city and we found a butter sale at an Aldi, you should have seen us pulling our drinks and snacks out of the cooler and filling it with butter. We still pat ourselves on the back over that lol.

    Belinda I hope you have a great week. Sky

    1. Thank you, Sky. We do have to travel a ways to get to them, but that is life in the rural countryside. I love your butter story. That sounds like something I would do. One time Mom and I found 8 ounce blocks of cheese for 50 cents and we bought a years worth and stuck them in the freezer. LOL

  8. I have not checked the ads yet, but I will in a bit. Hopefully, I find something we need for stock up. We need to buy nothing this week, though.

    1. We are pretty much stocked up here too, which is always good. 😊


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