Saturday, October 8, 2016

It's Not All Bad News

This past week was Fall Break from school, so I had some extra time to get some things done around the house. 

One job was to take my old car to the tire shop to repair the tire with the slow leak. 

This tire had a nail in it and was breaking down inside, which meant it could not be repaired. Rather than go with a new tire for $87 I bought a used tire for $25, which saved me some money. I only drive this car for certain errands and as a backup vehicle, so this works for me. 

Another thing I did this week was to hand wash my old car. It had several areas that were really dirty and moldy and it definitely benefited from hand washing. It looks so much better and didn't cost me anything except a few sore muscles. Getting older is not for the faint of heart.  :)

In other bad news this week, the breaker on our freezer tripped last week and we did not notice until it was too late. So, I had to throw away all the food inside and clean it out. 

This freezer sits on our back porch, which is located on the second floor of our home. I was able to bring the outside hose upstairs to clean it out, which helped a great deal. It was a big job, but I'm glad it's done. I have it plugged in again, but will not be using it until I purchase a freezer alarm for it. 

This is the time of year where one of my favorite apples is available, which is the honey crisp apple, but they can be expensive. I've seen them priced at $2.99 and higher. 

However, I have found one way to save money on them. Since these apples are expensive, I figure that not many people are buying them, so they tend to be the type of apples that I find on produce markdown shelves. 

I went to Food City today to pick up a prescription and naturally went to check the produce mark downs and sure enough there were two packages of Honey Crisp Apples on markdown. 

I was apple to get 12 apples for $2.98 or 25¢ each, which is a great deal and much cheaper than paying for them at the regular retail price. 

Blog Business

For the time being I wanted to let my readers know that I've turned the comment section from being able to post automatically to moderated for the time being. I had spam from the same user on multiple posts, which have already been deleted. 

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  1. Good quick fixes on what I'll coin, "the dump run car." So sorry about the freezer. : ( I recently invested in a new (chest style) freezer, as I have not been happy with the stand freezer I bought a few years ago. It does have an alarm on it, just not sure that we'd necessarily hear it as it's in the garage on the lowest level of the town house. Another tip re: apples; do you have an orchard around you that grows them? if so, perhaps you can get seconds aka "utility apples" at a reduced price. Today finds me making the first of several smaller batches of apple sauce using cheap apples from the store (Mcintosh were 3 lb bags @ $1.99, limit 2) and a peck of Cortlands I got as seconds, paying $9.99. I plan on home canning the apple sauce for longer storage.

    1. The apple sauce sounds great, Carol. We do have a local orchard that sells Honey Crisp, but they are already sold out of them even the second run ones. I don't think they grow too many since they always seem to sell out of this variety right away each year.

      I am hoping the freezer alarm will work and we will hear it. We have to walk by the freezer to come into the house, so I am hoping. We normally always catch it when it trips the breaker, but not this time unfortunately.

  2. I think Honey Crsip are still a new enough variety that there just isn;t a deep supply yet in stores or orchards, but they are so good. Hubs brought home 1/2 a peck from the grocery store, but I don't know what he paid per pound.

  3. Sorry you had a bad week. It does seem everything happens at once. Now, hopefully, you have all your ducks in a row so to speak. Honey Crisp apples are good, but I am still partial to Macs right off the tree. I did go to the farm and buy some. I still have some left that will be turned into applesauce. I tried to keep the number of apples and cider donuts purchased within a reasonable amount this year.

    Hope your week is improving!

  4. Thank you, Mary Lou. I did get a lot accomplished this week and that does feel good. I like Mac apples too. They are nice and soft and easy to eat. Arkansas Black apples are HARD. Don't know if you ever had one of that variety.

  5. First, congratulations for saving $62 for a car tire and having a clean back-up car.

    Because breaker was overloaded and another time, DH neglected to push shut a lower fridge's freezer drawer, we lost food this year, too. Lumps in stomach? Oh, yes. I know your disappointment having had same experiences this year. $$$ signs circle the mind, don't they?

    Now, freezers are checked several times daily to assure operating and that doors are closed. Our HOT summer hurt when garage reached between 120 to 130 degrees. Alarms will not help us.

    Apples remind me that as a child I climbed apple trees, perched, and ate all my tummy would hold. Chirp/Chrip.

    1. Thank you, Anna. :)

      Yes, the $$$ signs circle the mind. Our freezer was only half full though, so not as bad as it could have been. One of my grandmother's freezers was so full the door would not shut and she had more than one. I would have hated to lose that much food.

      The heat is hard on freezers. Ours sits on the back porch. We have blinds to pull down to keep the sun off of it in the hottest part of the day, so I know what you are speaking of here.

      We are drying those apples right now. They make great snacks to take on the road. :)


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