Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekend Shopping

It was a busy week here as I worked four days this week and have four planned for this coming week. Now that I am back to work it's time to stock up my pantry again after being in use it up mode all summer long. 

I received a free copy of the newspaper this week and scoured the sale ads and made a list of items I wanted to get. 

My first stop was at Fresh and Low because they have the best price on bread and black olives. Bread and hamburger buns are $1.00 here, and black olives are 88¢, which is much cheaper than every store in town. I also picked up a jar of pickles. Total spent was $10.30.

My next stop was Food City for store brand canned salmon for $1.99, but they were sold out, so I picked up a rain check. The manager then offered to sell me the Starkist salmon for the same price, so I bought four cans and he told me to keep the rain check for next time. Sweet. I also picked up apples, strawberry preserves, and some seasonings and spent $16.02. 

My next stop was Piggy Wiggly where they had Oscar Meyer bologna on sale for 99¢ for the one pound package. My daughter is tired of PB & J sandwiches, so this will be a welcome sight. I picked up ten packages spending $9.90 and placed nine of them in my freezer.

I also stocked on on Luck's chili beans for 50¢ a can. Chili Beans are one of the very few canned beans I will purchase if the price is right. They have a thick chili sauce that we enjoy. Most all of the beans we have here are soaked and cooked from dried beans as they are the most economical. 

My next stop was Publix where I bought pasta, granola bars, Campbell's Beefy Mushroom soup (for cooking), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Cheese-It crackers. I had $8.40 in coupons for the granola bars, soup, cereal and crackers and spent $31.94 there. I was really able to stock up here. 

My next stop was at Food Lion because they had their store brand products on sale and if you bought four items they would take 25¢ off each one. 

I bought eight cans of corn and should have paid 43¢ each, but it didn't work and they couldn't explain it to me. They told me it was "probably" added to my MVP card and if it didn't come off next time to save my receipt and they will fix it, so they owe me $2.00. 

 When I was at Food Lion I was looking at the produce and saw a sign on the 5 pound packages of Ruby Red grapefruit which read 99¢ a package. When I checked out, they rang up to $5.99, so I explained it to the cashier and after checking the price she honored the 99¢ price. So, I got 10 grapefruits for less than $2.00 making them 20¢ each. 

What a steal! 

I was going to buy some oranges on my list today but no need to after finding this deal. 

We also managed to get to Kroger this weekend. I just love Kroger. They had their half gallon sizes of milk on sale for $1.00 this week. They were out of skim milk, so we bought 1% instead, and also chocolate and buttermilk. 

They have such great deals on markdown. Here is a bag of romaine marked down to 99¢ and the photo underneath is a pork loin roast, already cooked, marked at $3.99.

This was the weekend for the cereal deals. I combined a couple of sales with some coupons and bought all of these cereals for a little over $1.00 each. 

Cereal can be so expensive, but when combined with a sale and a coupon it is more affordable and fits into my budget easier. I would not pay the regular retail price for most cereals, but when I can get it for close to $1.00 a box then I will buy it. 

My neighbor blessed me with two more butternut squashes this week. 

Kroger had their store brand of chips on sale for $1.00 a bag this week. Chips are a rare treat here, but $1.00 is an acceptable price to me, so I bought several bags for lunches this week. 

I found a package of eight half-pound burgers this weekend for $9.79 which worked out to $2.44 a pound. Of course I will stretch this to use not only for burgers, but maybe a meatloaf and tacos as well. 

I know this post is long. so I will wrap this up. We are definitely stocked up for a good long time now.  I wanted to share my deals with you and hope that you are inspired to save as much as you can on your grocery budget as well. 

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. Love your blog just wanted to let you know what great sells you found and also that you can get your chips on sale and freeze them I read a blog called simplemost great info there have a great day

    1. Thank you, Cathrin. I did not know that about freezing chips. I'll be sure to check out that blog. :)

  2. Happy shopping days are always welcome, and you had one.

  3. Cereal for a $1 a box is fantastic. In Canada, most stores follow a scanning code of practice.If an item scans wrong, the customer gets it free if it is $10 or under and gets $10 off the price if over $10. Having discovered some stores have mistakes all the time, I always check my receipts. Yesterday I got a large honeydew melon free and last week got a tub of ice cream free. Cashiers will not tell you about this practice so if someone ahead of me in line sees something scan wrong, I tell them. People are so grateful to find this out but the looks I get from cashiers....yikes! You would swear they had to pay the money out the their own pockets :).

    1. How neat that you were able to get free honeydew melon and ice cream, Theresa. I would always be checking my receipts too. Some cashiers here act like the money is coming out of their own pocket when you coupon. I don't usually have that problem as I don't use many, but my daughter has run into it a lot since she is the big couponer here.

  4. Great sales and couponing combinations! I love having ingredients on hand to cook things with. What do you use the chili beans for? I've never tried them. Like you I rarely ever buy canned beans. However, since switching to a plant based diet I find we are eating a lot. I've been cooking a big batch of one kind each week, but I would like to have something on hand for those days when I am just dying to have something different.

    1. Thank you. I mostly use chili beans in soups, chili, and taco salad. They are great to add to a can of tomatoes and chili beans for a quick soup. Plant based diets are so great, my blood sugar is terrific when I it closely.

    2. Thanks for the tips on the beans. My blood sugar actually began dropping too low and that is why I switched to a plant based diet. It has helped level it out a lot better.

    3. You're welcome. I've read that beans will level your blood sugar hours after you've eaten them, sometimes even the next day.


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