Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fugal Food: Egg Salad Sandwiches


One of our favorite frugal lunches here at the Frugal Workshop is egg salad sandwiches. There are many variations for this frugal sandwich and we usually have it on the menu several times each week. 

I normally hard-boil at least a dozen eggs every week. Yesterday I had two and a half dozen eggs from our chickens that I boiled for this week. After the eggs have cooled, I peel them and place them in a container, which then goes into the refrigerator. We can then eat them for breakfast, have one for a snack, make egg salad or deviled eggs, or include them in a salad. 

If I am making egg salad that day, I take each egg and place it into my egg slicer and slice the egg one way, turn the egg around and slice the other way, and then add them to my bowl.

Here is my very basic egg salad recipe:

5 hard boiled eggs
Several spoonfuls of mayonnaise (I don't measure this)
Several spoonfuls of sweet pickle relish (I don't measure this)

I add all of this together and sort of mash the eggs up to create the texture I want. I then toast my bread and serve the egg salad on toasted bread. If I have celery or green olives on hand I like to add those too, but they are not necessary. 

We have been getting eggs daily ever since finding our first egg from this batch of chickens back in November. We've been getting anywhere from five to eight eggs per day and have so many we have been sharing them with friends. We gave three dozen to a friend who was kind enough to haul our old freezer away when we replaced it last summer. 

The chickens are a pleasure to have around the yard and they provide us with food as well. That to me is a win-win situation. Here is a picture of our rooster who goes by the name Fog Horn Leghorn because he is so big. I threw a piece of popcorn to him the other day and the other chickens came running at him, so he took off running with his loot. It was fun to watch. :)


 How is that for free, frugal entertainment? :)

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  1. Yum,I haven't made eggsalad in a while, need to put that on our lunch menu this week. I use my Ecko pasty blender to chop my handboiled eggs, adding mayo, salt and pepper and sliced, green olives!

    1. Oh, a pastry blender would be another good tool to make egg salad! :)

  2. I'm very mildly allergic to eggs, so I tend to go easy on them. But my favorite high protein breakfast is a chopped boiled egg on toast. All through university, when I needed a good breakfast before exams, that is what I ate -- some folks have lucky socks, I had a lucky breakfast!

    When we do egg salad we use a potato masher. I like mustard and a touch of curry powder in egg salad, along with mayo/relish.

    That must be so nice to have the chickens running about. I think they're funny animals, have personalities of their own

    1. I've done the boiled egg on toast too, Lili. It is a very good breakfast sandwich. I take my egg slicer and slice the boiled egg and then spread it out on the toast. Egg salad with a potato masher is another good tool to use. I've not tried curry powder before. I need to try that sometime. And we do love our chickens. They provide a lot of entertainment. lol

  3. Yum! I was just telling hubby this morning that I think this spring we need to get a few hens and a rooster. I miss having fresh eggs.

    We eat hard boiled eggs and deviled eggs more than we do egg salad, but that would be something nice to add into our selection of choices.

    I've also used hard boiled eggs in meat salads -- like tuna or chicken. A lot of people here add them to their potato salad...while I personally don't, I've tried it at many potluck dinners and it isn't bad.

    Do you ever add egg bits to gravy? Several of my aunts do -- especially turkey gravy.

    1. I don't add them to gravy but have a friend who adds them to her dressing/stuffing. They are good in potato salad, but I don't always add them. I should though since we have plenty it would help to stretch it out. :)

  4. Here in the UK we call that Rgg mayonaise. I love it.
    I also use an egg slicer to to do my eggs. I recently finishe working in a school kitchen and we used to grate the eggs for egg Mayo. (it does make a mess though)

    1. Oh that is a good idea too, Carol. Sometimes the messy things taste the best. :)

  5. Belinda I love love that you have chickens! I have always wanted a chicken garden along with some birds! Egg salad is such an inexpensive yet delicious recipe I should try that! Except I usually use my eggs to bake! I always enjoy seeing your ideas!


    1. Thank you, Nico. :) I love watching our chickens in the yard. :)

  6. Ever since I read this I have been craving deviled I finally gave up and boiled some after supper.

    1. LOL, Shara. Yum, we like deviled eggs here too. :)


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