Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crash & Burn

The last few times I had been in Bi-Lo grocery store I was unable to find their Crash and Burn section. They recently had a remodel and I was hoping they did not do away with that section like another grocery store in town had recently done.  I decided to make a trip there today and low and behold found a couple of shopping carts with several Crash & Burn items. Here is what I picked out of the lot:

3 cans Southern Home Green Beans – 50¢ each
1 can Southern Home Potatoes – 45¢
3 cans Lesuer Very Young Small Sweet Peas – 80¢ each
3 cans Southern Home Sweet Peas – 50¢ each
4 cans Clear Value Sweet Peas – 35¢ each
1 can Southern Home Baked Beans - 60¢
1 can Southern Home Tomato Sauce – 40¢

So, in all I picked up 16 cans of food for a total of: $ 8.25, which I think is a pretty good haul. Too bad we do not drink coffee because they had several large cans of Southern Home decaffeinated coffee marked down to $4.00.  I don’t know of anyone who drinks coffee either or I would have picked them up a can or two. 

Have you had any luck finding any Crash & Burn items lately?

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  1. Some good finds, Belinda. Guess you'll be serving peas for a while! LOL! Get these bargains when you see them, they are another way to stretch the grocery budget. Haven't been food shopping for some time, holding out until next weekend (the 11th) if possible, just getting milk in the meantime.

    1. LOL, Carol. I was thinking the same thing about the peas. Good thing we love them. I can't imagine why all the peas were dented this week. lol

  2. Hi Belinda,
    don't you just love the marked down sections. I hit the produce stand yesterday at just the right time. I found a bag of green peppers (5) for 99 cents and cantaloupe (3) for 50 cents/a piece. The melons weighed about 3 lbs each, so the fruit was less than 20 cents/pound. And very edible, no soft spots yet. The green peppers were the same way. I used 3 in an enormous pot of chili last night, and will use the other 2 in a mega batch of pasta sauce tonight.

    1. Yes, Lili, I love the marked down sections. What great prices you got on the green peppers and cantaloupes. Peppers here are on sale this week for 50¢, so you did good. And, 50¢ for cantaloupe is unheard of around here. What great bargains you found. :)

  3. Now's the time to stock up on reduced food items. What a great deal you got!


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