Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bi-Lo & IGA Run 8-12-12

I made a run to Bi-Lo on Friday to pick up a few sale items. Many of the sale items had a limit of 4 each, which was fine with me. Here is what I picked up:

4 (50 oz.) cans Hanover green beans - $1.48 each
4 (16 oz.) boxes spaghetti - 77¢ each
4 (1 lb.) boxes butter - $1.88 each
1 (5 lb.) bag flour - 99¢
1 (24 family size) box tea bags - $2.35
2 (1 lb.) packages Hillshire Farm Brats with Cheese - 2 for $5.00

The Tetley tea bags were on sale for Buy One Get One Free (B1G1F), so I decided to only buy one of them since Bi-Lo charges half price for one item on a B1G1F sale. Some grocery stores will sell you one for the sale price and then give you the second item free. I like the way Bi-Lo does it because it actually saves me more money. 

My box of tea rang up at $1.18, but I also had a coupon for 50¢ off one box and since Bi-Lo doubles coupons, they took another 50¢ off of that price. Now I'm not a coupon queen by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like it when I get a good deal like this. I only paid 18¢ for that box of tea, which is less than one penny per tea bag! You can't beat a good deal like that. :)

I also made a run to IGA on Friday morning to buy the Butterball Turkey Bacon they had on sale for $1.00 per package. We tried this turkey bacon for the first time this past summer and decided it was something we liked, and so I will definitely be buying this whenever I can find it on sale. I bought 5 packages and plan on using some of this for breakfasts and some for a baked potato bar.

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  1. Some great deals, Belinda. Good to snap them up when you see them.

  2. Great deal on the tea! I love when that happens. It'll make me happier than saving $20 on the total bill!

    I haven't tried the Butterball turkey bacon. I've tried Jennie-O and Oscar Meyer turkey bacon. The Oscar Meyer is very good. The Jennie-O just tastes like turkey ham, IMO. Love, love, love bacon. But it has been so expensive in recent years around here, I watch for it to be marked down on clearance at the local store, and buy whatever they have and toss in the freezer.

    1. Hi Lili,

      Real bacon has become expensive here too in recent years, Lili. In fact, I rarely buy bacon anymore and even then only if I find a sale. I've not tried the OM or Jennie-O turkey bacon, but now that you've mentioned them I will look for them and try them out. This Butterball turkey bacon is good tasting to me and I am not crazy about turkey, but I can't tell that it's turkey, so I'm happy about that and the cost! I love having breakfast meat for $1.00. :)

      I was excited about the tea! lol


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