Tuesday, July 31, 2012

End of the Month Pantry Inventory - July 2012

During the month of July I was able to stock up on canned green beans, elbow macaroni,  carrots, bologna, and cheddar cheese. In all, I spent  $224.36 on groceries in July and have a full pantry going into August.   Finances will still be tight for us in August as I do not get my next paycheck until September 20th, so we will continue to plan menus around food obtained inexpensively and what I have stockpiled. 

Last night I made a trip to Bi-Lo and was able to pick up five boxes of elbow macaroni for 50¢ each, a sale which lasts until 9-11-12, four boxes of cream cheese for 99¢, and two cartons of eggs for 88¢. As I was shopping I thought to myself that people who had little money could easily plan menus around the macaroni and the eggs. All it takes is a little creativity in the kitchen. 

Here is a list of my pantry inventory going into August:

Pantry Inventory July 2012

Canned Soup
Broccoli and Cheese – 1 can
Cheddar Cheese – 2 cans
Cream of Celery – 1 can
Beefy Mushroom – 9 cans
Cream of Potato – 2 cans
Chicken Noodle – 4 cans
Chicken & Rice – 3 cans Family Size
Vegetable Beef – 3 cans Family Size
Onion Soup Mix – 4 boxes

Diced Tomatoes – 6 cans 28 ounce
Diced Tomatoes – 1 cans
Whole Tomatoes – 4 cans
Tomatoes – 3 quarts home canned
Tomatoes – 27 pints home canned
Tomatoes with Green Chilies – 2 cans
Tomato Paste – 2 cans, 1 jar
Tomato Sauce – 11 cans
Pizza Sauce – 3 pints home canned
Spaghetti Sauce – 1 can

Institutional Cans
Spaghetti Sauce – 1 can
Pizza Sauce – 1 can

5 quarts – home canned
3 pints – home canned
3 jars

Canned Fruit
Pumpkin – 3 cans
Fruit Cocktail – 1 can
Pear Halves – 3 cans
Apple Sauce – 4 cans
Mixed Fruit – 3 cans
Peach Halves – 5 - 29 ounce cans

Potatoes – 3 cans
Hominy – 1 can
Corn - 2 cans
Creamed Corn – 3 cans
Green Beans – 12 cans
Chop Suey – 3 cans
Peas – 3 cans
Yams – 2 cans
Beets – 2 cans

Canned Beans
Field Peas – 1 can
Pork & Beans – 4 cans
Black Eyed Peas – 5 cans
Refried Beans - 5 cans

Evaporated Milk – 2 cans
Sweet Condensed – 2 cans
Peanut Butter – 4 jars
Sweet Pickle Relish – 2 quart jars
Pickles – 2 jars

Canned Meat
Salmon – 5 cans
Tuna – 2 cans
Tuna – 1 can (small)
Chicken – 1 can
Instant Potatoes
1 box

Spaghetti – 6 boxes
Linguine – 2 boxes
Penne Rigate - 2 bags
Macaroni – 8 boxes
Wacky Mac – 1 bag

Baking Mixes
Snicker doodle Cookie Mixes –1
Brownie Mixes- 4
Pumpkin Bread mix - 1

 1 pound bags – 4.5
2 pound bags – 1
5 pound bags – 1

1 pound bag – 1

Dried Beans
Soup – 2
Pinto – 3

Cherry – 2
Orange –8
Lime – 4

Oats – 18 ounces - 1
Popcorn 1- 2 pound bag
Bread Crumbs – 2

And, off the top of my head, here is a list of possible meals I could make in August just from my list. 

Possible Meals

Bean & Cheese Enchiladas
Beefy Baked Beans
Beanie Weenies
Chili Mac
Chili Tacos
Enchilada Casserole
Macaroni & Cheese
Pork Roast
Salmon Patties
Smoked SausageSpaghetti

Of course, there are several more meals that I could add to this list especially since I have a lot of pasta and eggs on hand. I will be adding to my pantry and freezer as sales permit and my menu will change accordingly. Keeping track of what food I have in the pantry helps me save money by using up what I have on hand.

How is August shaping up in your home?

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“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without”


  1. Looks good. How is your garden producing? what meats are on hand besides what you listed?
    Here are some other recipe ideas: chicken/turkey divan using cr broccoli/cheese and rice, meatballs in cr X soup over rice/noodles, sheppard's pie, salmon loaf,creamed salmon over rice, impossible salmon pie, tuna cakes, tuna casserole, cold pasta salad, baked ziti with cheese and sauce.


  2. Those are some great ideas, thank you, Carol. The garden isn't producing as much now because of the heat although we do have plenty of winter squash like butternut and acorn squash coming in now. Meat is rather on the low side due to the loss of our freezer food this month from the power outage, but I will be restocking as sales permit. Thank you again for the terrific ideas. :)

  3. Your pantry actually looks well-stocked, for the end of the month. But as you say, no paycheck till Sept. It always amazes me how quickly canned items get used up. One week, the shelves look full, then the next they look a bit bare.

    My pantry is mostly stocked with legumes and grains. It never looks like there's anything to eat, but you just have to use your imagination. I rely on the garden and fruit trees and bushes for our produce this time of year, and buy dairy and meat as I see it on sale. Good luck with groceries for August.

    1. Thank you, Lili. :)
      I agree on the canned goods, I can have a dozen cans of green beans on the shelf and before I know it they are gone. Of course, we love them, so they disappear quickly.

      When you cook from scratch like we do it often looks like there is nothing to eat, lol. But with a little creativity we can both cook up something very nice. :)

  4. Belinda,
    Use what you have to save! Stuffed acorn or butternut squash-bake them off in a large roaster oven or CP, and fill with a vegetarian based stuffing. Got lentils/barley? combine with rice, fold in a bit of cheese, add chopped onion/garlic, some herbs. Done. : )

    google recipes with butternut or acorn squash and see what you find.

    Good luck! I will be joining you on a pantry challenge this upcoming month. Very limited funds (just under $140)for August food shopping. Luckily, I get my weekly CSA pick up.

  5. I do have some barley on hand and that sounds good, so I will work on that for sure. Thanks, best of luck to you in August too! :)

  6. Looks like your pantry is well stocked. I'm hoping ours is more or less filled for the month of August. By my best guestimates we will need fresh produce, eggs, and dairy. I may have to purchase some meats closer to the end of the month, but they'll probably carry over into September.

  7. I was thinking -- not sure what you do with your cream cheese, but I have an easy alfredo sauce recipe if you would like it. I can't take credit for it.


    Crystals site is one of my favorites and so far we've loved pretty much everything we've tried from her recipes enough that my children have requested repeats of the meals over the years.

    1. I love Crystal's site, Shara and have been reading it for a few years now. She sure is organized, isn't she?

    2. She really is. I'd love to be that organized -- I think..lol


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