Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saving Money on Laundry

Deal With It, Simply! has an article about saving money on laundry

I like the idea of the homemade fabric softener, which I am going to try and then get back to you with the results.

Homemade fabric softener; 2 Cups cheap conditioner, 3 cups Vinegar and 6 Cups water. Mix and store in a container and use it just like your regular fabric softener.

Cut fabric softener sheets in half and they can be used more then once.

Only wash full loads of laundry, weather 1 thing or a full load you use the same amount of water.
Learn to use 1 Tablespoon laundry soap

I have been considering the girls doing their own laundry. I bet the multiple changes would diffidently change.

Hang clothes and use the dryer less. We have a solar dryer outside, a clothes line. In the winter I have a rod above my washer to hang clothing. The moisture adds to our home.

Clean the lint trap after each use.

Vinegar also makes a frugal fabric softener.

Take clothes out of the washer right away so you don’t have to rewash them and waste water.
Things that can be worn more then once- Jeans, bras, Pajamas and sweats.

Hang your towel to dry and you can use it again.

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