Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dixie Crystals Sugar Deal at Bi-Lo

Bi-Lo has the four pound bag of Dixie Crystals sugar on sale this week for $1.99. Walmart's Great Value brand was $2.78 tonight, so this is a good deal. I actually price matched some at Walmart, and they let me have the five pound bags for $1.99, so I bought 20 pounds of sugar for $7.96, which is a good deal considering the price of sugar lately. Walmart sells the 25 pound bag of sugar for over $13, so again this is a good deal. I read over at Southern Savers that there was a coupon for Dixie Crystals in the 4-10-11 coupon inserts, but my coupon inserts did not have the coupon, which is OK because I think I got a good deal even without a coupon. 

On a side note, here is a link to Granny Miller's website and how she stored 30 pounds of sugar in mason jars:


  1. Locally, the IGA has Domino 5 lb bags of sugar for . . . $5.49. Thud! I got some at Aldi over the weekend. Much less

  2. Wow, $5.49 is unreal! Not sure if you read this or not...

    Granny Miller talks about the price of sugar rising. I think the price of gas is going to be a big reason we continue to see rising grocery prices. Looking forward to reading about your Aldi trip.


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