Friday, June 4, 2021

Frugal Friday

Welcome to Friday! 

Quote of the Week

“They suffered cold and heat, hard work and privation as did others of their time. Neither they nor their neighbors begged for help. No other person, nor the government, owed them a living. They owed that to themselves and in some way, they paid the debt. And they found their own way. Their old-fashioned character values are worth as much today as they ever were to help us over the rough places. We need today courage, self-reliance and integrity.” ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

My Frugal Week

Last month we replaced one of the air conditioning units in a bedroom. Our electric bill came this month and it is $20 lower than last month. I love having new energy efficient appliances that bring our electric bill down. 

This week we stayed home at least five days (six for me) and managed to get several jobs done.  Bailey went to a church yard sale on Thursday while I stayed home. She brought back several things for me. A brand new over the cabinet towel holder, Pyrex bowl with lid, and a Rubbermaid bowl with lid. The towel holder retails for $9.99 new, but we only paid $1.00.

One item we picked up at a yard sale last weekend was this Reliable digital steam press, which retails for $249.00, but we picked up for $40. I have always wanted a steam press with a bigger pressing area for sewing projects and Bailey's business, so this is perfect. 

Our cat Polka Dot is doing so much better this week. He finished his round of antibiotics, and is able to jump up onto his cat condo on the back porch and is walking on his foot again. 

Bailey picked up six Vera Bradley masks on their website for $9.22 with free shipping. We are still required to wear them at some places such as the eye doctor, family doctor, etc. 

I was finally able to get in on the health shares marketplace program using the subsidies that are in place right now. 

We had a grocery order delivered on Saturday, which included watermelon, honeydew, bananas, clementines, lettuce, tomatoes, red bell peppers, onions, sweet and Yukon gold potatoes, walnuts, almond milk, chicken, beef, bread, cheese, and frozen vegetables. 

We spent $227 and that is our big grocery shop of the month, which includes enough food for breakfasts, lunches, and around twenty dinners, which includes leftovers to cover the other days in the month. 

Our local county road department reported a loss of half a million dollars this financial year due to people not driving as much during the pandemic. I wonder what other trickle down effects this will have. 

In our Garden

We have tomato plants, oregano and mint growing this season. 

Earning Money

This week  I sold a Mike and Molly DVD on eBay

Did you hear about people who filed taxes early this year possibly getting a bigger refund if they were on unemployment last year? Well that happened to me and the extra money ($300) was deposited into my account this week. 
Saving Money In My Frugal Kitchen

I cooked seven out of seven meals this week

Meals This Week

Saturday: Dirty Rice, Steamed Carrots & Broccoli, Roasted Potatoes

Sunday: Taco Salad

Monday: Baked Potatoes, Seamed Broccoli, and Chopped Tomatoes

Tuesday: Chicken Fried Rice, Stir Fry Vegetables

Wednesday: Baked Chicken, Green Beans, Carrots

Thursday: Dirty Rice with Sausage, Stir Fried Vegetables, and Roasted Potatoes.  We bought the sausage on markdown at Ingle's last week. 

We had been using Tony Chachere's Creole Dirty Rice for our dirty rice when Cheryl, over at Cheryl's Frugal Corner, mentioned in a comment that Aldi has a dirty rice mix that was good. So, we picked some up and tried it  for dinner. I really liked the Aldi brand as it is not as spicy as the Tony Chachere's.

Friday: Baked Salmon, Brown Rice, Steamed Broccoli

Saving on Entertainment

This week I watched the last two episodes of This Is Us on Hulu and noticed that The Conner's has been showing up on YouTube. I watched a couple of those as well even though I have watched them on Hulu. 

Some people don't like to watch things again, but that doesn't bother me. I have watched most of the episodes of M*A*S*H, The Walton's, and Roseanne and I don't mind watching them again because I am content with what we have.  

What I've been Reading This Week

Frugal Living on the Ranch

That is all the news I have to report from here this week. 

How was your week?

~ Living within our Means ~
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  1. What a great deal on that steam press! I am envious!

    1. Thank you, Anne. I was really surprised to find that.

  2. It's great you received the extra $300, but I never heard that. I never mind rewatching anything I like.

  3. Sounds like another fantastic frugal week! :)

  4. That is so great that you got that extra money. Congrats.

    1. Thank you, Kim. I was definitely tickled over that.

  5. Congrats on the extra money - extra $$ always come in handy.
    I love the sound of all your meals - they are right up my alley. Glad you liked the Aldi dirty rice mix. The red beans and rice is tasty too.
    Great savings on the steam press - WOW.
    Have a great weekend

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I will have to try the red beans and rice mix from Aldi too.

      I hope you have a great weekend too.

  6. Wow, great deal on the steam press. I am very sure it will definitely come in handy.

    Great frugal week you had.

    God bless.

  7. Sounds like a great frugal week. Great deal on the press. I'm glad that Polka Dot is doing better. Your meals sound so good. Glad you were able to get the insurance, and the extra money is always good. Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. I hope you have a great weekend too.

  8. Thank you for the link to Frugal Living on the Ranch, Belinda. It looks like a site with lots of good information.

    I’m glad to hear Polka Dot is doing better.
    Hope you and Bailey have a wonderful weekend.

    1. You're welcome, Nil. I thought that looked like a good website too.

      I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

  9. Sounds like a great week. Congratulations on the extra money. What a great deal on the steam press. I'm a little

    1. Thank you, Ms. Goose. I was tickled with the steam press for sure.

  10. Yay! On the extra money! Sounds like a good week at your house.

    1. Thank you! It was a good week here, I hope it was in your home too.

  11. That steam press is a great deal! Glad to hear Polka Dot is on the mend.

  12. That steam press is a treasure find.
    I went with room air conditioners too. I hope to see some savings. Crossing fingers. :) Our central unit is so old they don't make Freon for it anymore. It costs $5 a day to run. I am over that, lol. Our utility company has a chart that shows where we fall in utlities from others in our neighborhood. DH & I are the lowest. Must be doing something right.
    Other frugal things. DH got a raise. Yeah!!!! I adjusted our subsidies too and got a lower rate for the same plan.
    DH & I of course did not get unemployement last year since he was essential & I am SAHW. We also got a refund for over $1200 after IRS issued our original refund. DH & I thought it was a mistake. DH called them and they said it was our money owed to us from something to do with taxes and pandemic tax credits. They didn't explain it. When we got the letter there was no explanation either. It was a nice surprise that helped out a lot and helped us to purchase things to make our home more frugal.
    The trickle down's are starting to be pretty severe from shortage of truck drivers to shortage of store clerks to stock shelves.

    1. Oh how neat that you all got a refund too, Safyne. I love that. I know you'll put it to good use.

      Kudos on having the lowest electric bill in your neighborhood. I love that too.

      I wonder what all we will see in this trickle down effect.

  13. Howdy! came over here from Cheryl's. TY for the Dirty Rice idea - we just had that for Dinner :). I had a box of Jambalaya mix from Dollar Tree and I sliced up a half of a Turkey Polska Kielbasa sausage to go in it. It was right good!
    Take care~
    Mary in San Diego

    1. Hi Mary I'm so glad you came over here from Cheryl's blog. It's always nice to have a new reader. Your dinner sounds delicious.


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