Friday, January 11, 2019

Frugal Friday

Welcome to Friday and the weekend. This week I was able to sub three days. I brought lunch and drinks with me, so no money spent there.

Freebies we received this week include address labels from St. Jude's Hospital, sugar scrub from Loreal, and three facial masks from Sephora. 

Gas is down to $1.65 per gallon here. I filled up my gas tank this week using funds earned on Ebay from selling the pocket knives from my cousin last week. 

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know with substitute teaching and reselling we have a variable income here. 

January is the time of the year when our income is at an all time low and this year is no exception. Therefore we try to keep any unnecessary spending to the bare minimum during this time. 

My yearly membership for my Insurance is due in January each year. I paid for it today using funds I made selling items on Ebay. So, no money out of my paycheck went to pay this fee, which is great considering our lower income this month. 

We ate every meal at home this week and stayed out of the stores. Meals here this week included Tacos, Italian Pork Tenderloin, Pigs in a Blanket, Pizza, and Chicken Casserole along with multiple vegetable side dishes.  

This week in our fridge to drink you'll find water, orange soda, grape juice, green tea, sweet tea, and lemonade. These were all made here at home in order to save money. 

We are out of fresh milk at the moment, but I do have shelf stable milk in my pantry. Therefore I was able to make scalloped potatoes for dinner on Friday. Times like these are reasons why keeping a stocked pantry comes in handy. 

The weather has been warm enough here that we've not had to have any heat or a/c on this week. Today has changed that though and it is very cold, so we finally turned on some heat today. 

It's been a quiet week here with not a lot of frugal activity but that's all the news I have to report. How was your week? I would love to read all about it in the comment section. 

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. My January's are usually spent hunkering down and staying home other than rns to R-A and the grocery store. It helps save money plus the weather here is so changeable in Jan/Feb that I don't want to have to NEED to go anywhere just in case.
    Good job on using eBay $$s to pay car insurance!

    1. Thank you, Sluggy. I like the idea of staying home and hunkering down. It sounds so warm and cozy.

  2. We are tight this month also, paying off Christmas bills and my income goes way down in Jan. and Feb. So I am being very careful.

  3. I like keeping shelf stable and evaporated and dry mik for various uses.
    WOW on now heat - it turned very cold here and we are expecting snow tomorrow.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. THank you, Cheryl. Yes, I was speaking about having the a/c on last week and now heat. The weather is crazy. LOL

  4. That's great that you were able to pay your insurance from your eBay sales. And 3 days for your subbing isn't bad - it beats zero :)
    I had a good week doing the things we all do. Cooked all our meals and spent very little at the store so that's good.
    I did have a nice coupon from Staples - Save $10 on $10 spent. We got a huge package of Scott toilet paper for free. Free is good.


    1. Yes, it does beat zero, Debra. That made me laugh out loud. :)

      Great job on cooking all your meals and home and I love those Staples coupons. Free toilet paper can't be beat! I'll have to tell my daughter about that one, she is always looking for tp deals. I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. You did well, Belinda. Hope this weekend is a warmer one for you.

    I too have a couple of expensive months. I got my car serviced today, and my home and car insurances are due next month.

    1. Thank you, Nil.

      I feel your pain on the additional expenses. I'll be glad when we are past these.

      I hope you have a great weekend.

  6. The gas here went down to $2.85 and I thought we were doing well. #jealous

    I'm always frugal, but I'm hitting it harder than usual because I need to go to Phoenix soon -- my daughter needs eye surgery and I'm going to be her driver and do a few things around the house. My biggest (only) expense is flying down there; we'll eat at home and our entertainment will be sunk-cost Netflix and Hulu.

    Oh, and painting. I'm going to paint her bathroom and recaulk the shower stall. #momvacation

    1. You should have way cheaper gas than us, Donna, due to the pipeline. We can dream, right? That is so sweet of you to do for your daughter. I wish her the best of luck on her surgery. Safe travels for you too. :)

  7. Had to go to town (1 hr away from home for big business) for a mammogram at 9 am so skipped breakfast and took a tuna fish sandwich, crackers and drinks from home. Stopped by thrift store (less than $5 spent there) and Walgreens for a 90% off sale (where I also found half price ink in my #). Also, dropped three packages at post office, but was only $12 net profit (eBay).

    1. Wow, you had a great day, Kimberly. $12 is still money in the bank. Kudos to you for bring your lunch and not eating out. Half price ink is an awesome find. :)


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