Sunday, June 24, 2018

My Frugal Kitchen ~ What We Ate This Week

Last Sunday was so hot here that I didn't even feel like cooking, so we had cheese & crackers for dinner. 

This week was rather rough as we are still sore from the accident and it's still so hot in the house to cook, so meals were different this week and some days I did not take a photo. 

On Monday we had a store bought pizza cooked at home. 

Pizza Quesadillas

Beef & Bean Burritos


Friday & Saturday
Bean & Cheese Enchiladas

Our power was out on Saturday for seven hours due to a storm. We simply ate leftovers from Friday. 

One day this week I made up some individual jello cups with fruit. I always drain the juice from the fruit and then use that as part of the cold water called for in the jello.

What was on the menu in your home this week?

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  1. Yum! It all sounds good to me. I love anything that resembles Italian or Mexican!

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. We love Mexican food here and I usually make it a couple of times per week.

  2. It cooled down a wee bit this week so I got up early a few mornings to roast a couple of trays of vegetables, boil some eggs and cook some corn beef hash. Then it was a matter of assembling meals all week - heating up the veg or adding it to a salad - combining with cheese and cold meats - that sort of thing. I don't cook much in the Summer - stick to cold foods mostly. Might try to get a couple of things cooked tomorrow as it won't be too bad but going back up to 30C (90F) later in the week.
    PS - Glad to read that you and your daughter weren't too badly injured but I'm sure you are feeling a bit sore and stiff so do take it easy.

    1. Thank you so much, Margie. That means a lot to me.

      I'm glad to hear it has cooled down a little bit for you this week. I like the way you cook things up and then only need to assemble them during the week. That's a great way to avoid cooking, and adding heat to the house, in the summer. I hope you have a great week.

    2. Reaching 98 degrees this Thursday. Still plugging in smaller appliances on porch to cook food. Thankful for fridge and freezer storage.

    3. It's a great idea to cook on the porch, Anna. Will definitely help to keep the heat out of the house. Stay cool and well hydrated. :)

  3. Thanks for posting this. I have been wanting to do this for portion control using sugar free gelatin and puddings. Great inspiration.


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