Wednesday, August 12, 2015


After dropping my daughter off at school I went to IGA to buy an onion since I am out and needed one for dinner. The two pound bags were over $3.00, so I passed on those and bought one onion, which cost 76¢. Ugh. I cannot wait until another sale on onions happens. I cut this one in half and will use the second half for another meal to save money. 

Dinner tonight was Green Beans with Onions, Potatoes, and Ham. Green Beans were 39¢ x 2, Potatoes were 40¢ x 2 and the Ham Steak was $1.84. Total cost for dinner was $3.80. There was enough for three servings and one extra for lunch. I took a picture on my cell phone, but my phone takes terrible photos, so I will refrain from posting it. :)

Our deal of the day was a sale on Scott tissues at Publix. They were buy one get one free and we had coupons that doubled. We were able to pick up 24 boxes for 12¢ each. 

How was your day?

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  1. Do you have dried,minced onion? I turn to that or chive when onion are high. Also, try store brand, fzn bags of onions, chopped. When on sale for $1, that is a reasonable substitute. Check dollar tree. They carry stir fry mix (fzn onion and multi colored pepper strips)

    1. I usually have dried onions on hand, but I had used them up either last week or the week before. I have even used up my onion powder. It is one of the items on my ever growing grocery list. lol

      Our Dollar Tree does not sell frozen foods, but I sure wish they did. That stir fry mix sounds terrific for $1.00.

  2. Without adding salt or butter/margarine to foods, onions add wonderful flavor for me. We peel large yellow onions, slice into circles, steam 10 or so minutes, and freeze when cool. To avoid oils (frying), we then George grill them until soft and sweet to add to all sorts of other foods.

    1. We love onions here. I use them daily to add flavor to so many foods. They are so good for you too. :)

  3. I can sympathize with you on the onions. We've been out of onions for a few weeks, and I've been using chives, shallots from the garden and the tops of the onions growing in the garden. Onion should go on sale soon, I'm hoping.

    That is a score on the tissues! I've been looking around for a good price, to stock up for cold season.

  4. Thanks, Lili.

    I'm hoping too on the onions, I checked the sale ads yesterday and nothing this week. Hopefully soon. :)


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