Sunday, April 5, 2015

Neat Find

My daughter and I just happened to be at the right place at the right time today. We were driving by and just happened to see a local store employee tossing out these beautiful Easter flowers. These are flowers with the bulbs attached, which can be planted and will come back year after year. There were also two Hyacinths, which are my favorite flower. I smell them every time I go in the grocery store at this time of year. I'm so tickled over this find.  :) 

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  1. I also love hyacinths. I forced Hubs to buy me one on Saturday. It has yet to bloom so I wait to smell that heavenly aroma.... 8-)

  2. Let me be happy with you. :) The week before Easter, DH went to 3 stores to find tulips that I would clip and combine with Baby's Breath for a gift bouquet, keeping the bulbs for myself. At the second store, Home Depot told DH that WalMart had tulips.

    Looking at WalMart's tulips, an employee heard DH on his cell talking with me about colors available and told him that she had 3 pots of tulips she was throwing away because they had fallen over. They were his without cost if he wanted them.

    Yellow, pink, and purple pots of tulips without cost. DH bought Babies Breath, and I created a gift bouquet in a yard sale or thrift shop vase, and I have at least
    20 tulip bulbs that cost nothing.


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