Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas in Dixie

Christmas in Dixie is one of my favorite Christmas songs and I have fond memories associated with it.  :)

We did Christmas very frugally this year. 

Christmas Tree & Decorations

First on the list was a Christmas tree, which we have, but it is a small one at only three feet high. While we were out and about one day we found one someone was throwing out. The only reason we could figure that someone was throwing it away was because the bottom branches hung down low, but we fixed that with some string. The tree was one of those pre-lit trees with lights already on it. 

My daughter also made a candy cane wreath using last year's candy canes, so no cost there either. 

Total Cost: $0

Stocking Stuffers & Presents

I used a variety of sources to come up with stocking stuffers and presents this year. I used Swagbucks, Listia, Ebay earnings, and Mechanical Turk. 

Listia is an online auction site sort of like Ebay, but you sell items for points and can also earn points through surveys. I have gotten several stocking stuffers there at no cost to me. 

My Ebay earnings also allowed me to purchase several Christmas presents at no cost to me. All I did was sell things we no longer used and then bought items my family wanted for Christmas with the money I received. 

Mechanical Turk is Amazon's online work center. I earned a little bit of money from there and was able to buy one present using those funds. 

My daughter's big gift this year will come from McKay Used Books and I will be trading for it, so no cost to me there either. I finished up the last of my Christmas shopping today and figured I ended up spending right at $75 cash for gifts this year in addition to those things already mentioned. 

In years past I usually spent more than $75, so this year was much better because I was able to use all those resources to spend less money this year. The best part of all is that I will have NO DEBT from Christmas this year. Everything was bartered, traded or paid for with cash, so I am very happy about that this year. 

Total Cost $75

Wrapping Paper

This year I continued to use the wrapping paper I bought in January of 2012 in an after Christmas clearance sale. I blogged about it here. I paid 86¢ per roll for the paper and this is the third (2012, 2013, 2014) Christmas I've used this paper. I store the paper under my bed after I am done wrapping for the year. It stays out of the way, but saves me money each year I am able to use it. 

Total Cost 86¢


We have been fortunate this month to be gifted quite a bit of food items. This week we received apples & oranges, bread, milk, and several frozen dinners (and more than enough, so we shared with others). We've been invited to my (former) brother-in-law's home for Christmas dinner this year. I'm bringing a dessert and side dish using items I already have on hand here, so no money spent for food for Christmas dinner this year either. 

Total Cost $0

There were a lot of changes in store for us this past year, and in spite of all that happened, we have decorated the house, sent some Christmas cards, and are making our best effort to remember who this season is actually for and remember Him every day as we celebrate the season of His birth. From our home to yours, we hope that you have a blessed Christmas.

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  1. Love the candy cane wreath! Did she hot glue the canes together?

  2. Yes, she did, Susan. She said it took A LOT of hot glue. lol

  3. Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas, Belinda!

    1. Thank you, Lili. I hope the same for you and your family. :)

  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Belinda.

    1. Thank you, Kelly. Merry Christmas to you and your family too. :)

  5. Your found tree and daughter's candy cane tree are so pretty. Then the manner in which to purchase gifts is plain old smarty pants. Good for you.

    Except for one gift, all were given to immediate family. I spent under $100, which included 3 college basketball tickets, 2 professional basketball tickets, and 2 Pandora charms. There were more gifts given, but that provides an idea of the kind of gifts.

    As you did, I found ways to secure gifts with rewards.

    One Christmas card was mailed, but more than 200 were emailed, and greetings were phoned.

    Unexpectedly, Christmas dinner came from a far away friend. A Styrofoam box of Omaha Steaks frozen meats, twice baked potatoes, and desserts. 16 portions of meat were in the box. Cole slaw was the added green.

    Thank you for giving me access to Christmas in Dixie. I have enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you. :) Sounds like you have a lovely Christmas and were very frugal with your gift buying as well. how neat that you received a Christmas dinner from a friend, and what a wonderful dinner! I'm glad you enjoyed my post, I enjoyed your Christmas email as well. ;)


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