Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Midweek Update

This post is from two weeks ago. I didn't get a chance that weekend to finish it, but I did want to post it. I've been working every school day and haven't made the time to sit down and finish this post, but here it is anyway. 

Here are some of the frugal activities we did this week:

1. Paid bills online this week saving the cost of postage. The website of my auto insurance didn't want to load for me, but I kept trying and eventually after the 3rd day of trying, the webpage loaded and I was able to pay it. If all else had failed I would have just dropped a check off there as I drive by there every day during the week. 

2. Worked four out of five days this week. I could have worked five, but I had to get my car fixed on Wednesday. The Mother of one of the teachers I regularly sub for passed away this week. The school asked me to fill in for her one of the days she would be out. I told them I would if they could not find anyone else because I had to get my car fixed. They were able to find someone else for that day. Next week is state testing, so I doubt I will sub every day, but so far do have three days scheduled. 

3. Rather than spend 50¢ on the newspaper, I perused the grocery store ads online this week. 

4. Food came from home this week...

Lunch: Ham Sandwich, Salad

Breakfast: Bagels with Cream Cheese
Lunch: Pasta Salad
Dinner: Homemade Vegetable Soup

Brunch: Brown Rice with Vegetable Soup 
Dinner: 15 Bean Cajun Soup

Here are some of the NOT so frugal activities from this week:

1. Spent $856.05 on my car repairs this week. I've not had a car payment for many years, and I want to keep my car running as long as possible. I would rather have a repair bill like this every once in a while than to have to make monthly payments on a car. 

2. Had a tree fall onto our van this week. 

Of course we were upset about the van, but we are still counting our blessings. You can't see from this photo, but the house sits just past the dogwood tree where the top of the fallen tree landed. The tree could have fallen on the house, but it didn't. And the dogwood tree caught the worst of it. If it had not been for the dogwood tree the van would have received more damage. 

How has your week been so far?

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the car troubles. Not in the plans at all, I'm sure! And you're right, that tree could have hit your house, and that would have been much worse.

    We live where trees fall and hit houses in our neighborhood every year. We had one hit our house many years ago, and came within feet of where one my daughters (as an infant) was sleeping. It was a pain to have the house repaired, but I was sooooo thankful that none of us were injured.

    I hope this week is going much better than that one did! It sounds like you're getting a lot of work days this year. Hopefully that will continue until the school year ends!

    Have a great week, Belinda!


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