Sunday, December 22, 2013

Final Day Triple Coupon Deals

Saturday was the final day of the Bi-Lo triple coupon promotion. Here is a photo of what we were able to purchase:

One of our deals today was Hunt's spaghetti sauce, which was on sale at 10 for $10.00. I also had 6 coupons for 55¢ off two cans, which were tripled, so I bought 12 cans. 

Spaghetti Sauce
Cost before coupons: $12.00
Coupon amount: $9.90
Cost after coupons: $2.10
Cost per can: 18¢ per can

Yesterday I bought the pasta and today I bought the sauce. Imagine how inexpensive our spaghetti meals will be for the next few months with free pasta and 18¢ sauce. I love triple coupons! :)

The following three items were completely free after coupons:

We were able to pick up one more box of the Barilla pasta for 24¢, so we now have two of those in our pantry for a total of 48¢.

We picked up 4 Dannon Oikos yogurts, which had 50¢ off coupons on them. They were originally $1.19, but the coupons tripled, so those were free as well. 

Other items include 2 bottles of Dawn for 75¢, and 6 boxes of Puffs Lotion tissues for $1.00 each. 

 In all I spent $128 in the past three days at Bi-Lo and saved $90.00 with coupons. This was a rare coupon promotion from Bi-Lo and not one we normally see here. I suspect it was because we recently had a brand new Publix grocery store open up in our area in the last month and these two big giants are competing for customers. 

Either way, it pays to be aware of the sales cycles. We had heard chatter online about Bi-Lo doing this early last week, and we always get the newspaper on Wednesday for the sale ads and sure enough the chatter was correct. As we were checking out last night, our bag boy asked the cashier, "How are these people getting all this free stuff?" It pays to be aware. :)

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  1. More awesome deals, WTG, Belinda! Your pantry must be quite happy with your latest bargains. Agree, pasta and sauce are great emergency meals for a pantry, if nothing else. Finding/acquiring them at dirt cheap prices is a frugal way to build up and maintain your pantry.

    1. Yes, my pantry is very happy this week, Carol. :) I'm just tickled over this and hope they do it again some time. :)

  2. Wow, Belinda! You got some really fantastic deals! Hopefully, with Publix moving in to your area, you'll continue to see some terrific sales for a while longer!

    My great deal this last week was mixed nuts and cashews, in 30 oz cans for $4.99 ea. It worked out to about $2.65 per pound for nuts. I bought a year's supply (a total of 11 cans of mixed nuts and 3 cans of cashews). I'll use these in baking, as well as snacks for the coming year. Yesterday afternoon I used some of them, and made spiced nuts for gifts for a few people, and some nut bars to take to church this morning for coffee hour.

    I sometimes feel that I must look like a crazy lady, buying so much at one time!

    Have a merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Lili. I'm hoping we see good sales for a long time too. It has really helped me to build up my pantry. You got a great deal on those nuts! People probably think we are nuts too, but I'm ok with that. lol Hope you have a Merry Christmas too!

  3. Wow! you got some fantastic deals. Well done. We in the UK get nothing like that ever. Things do get reduced but not by much.

    1. Thank you, Carol. It's rare for us to have a triple coupon promotion here, but we took full advantage of it and our pantry is fuller than it has been in months, so I am a happy camper.


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