Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shop Your Way

Pictured above is a photo of a promotion I earned from Kmart's Shop Your Way reward program. The details are fairly simple, spend $50 at Kmart and receive a coupon for 30¢ off per gallon of gas up to 20 gallons. 

I've read online that you can purchase gift cards at Kmart and also get this deal, but I've not tried that. I was purchasing items for our house like the deal they had last week on the large boxes of Purex (110 ounces) priced at $2.50 each, so I stocked up on those. 

This morning I went and used my promotion and purchased 11.03 gallons of gas, so I saved $3.30 and paid $2.71 per gallon using this promotion coupon. The coupon is good for up to 20 gallons, but my car only holds 12 gallons. 

I thought this was a good deal and wanted to pass the savings along to my readers. Of course, I'm sure it goes without saying that you would only purchase items your family needs otherwise any potential savings might be lost, which would be a false economy. 

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  1. Awesome! Ironically I did get a coupon with my last shopping, but we don't have a BP in the area...lol.

    1. Do you have Speedway, Shara. I noticed on the website there were other gas stations you could use this at. You may want to check it and see if there is another one near you. I think Sunco (?) was one of them.

  2. Kroger offers something similar. For every $100 you spend you earn $.10 off per gallon. That doesn't really help me as I rarely grocery shop at Kroger. However, you do earn double points on gift cards. And they frequently offer 4x points on gift cards. Last year I used my Christmas bonus to buy $200 worth of Amazon gift cards which earned me $.40 off per gallon and I used the gift cards to buy my Kindle. :)

  3. One of our grocery stores has promotions a couple of times per year, where gift cards give you triple the rewards points for gas. I'll usually buy all the gift cards we might use during the entire year, just so I can max out that reward. Then we max out the gas reward purchase, by bringing empty gas cans to the fuel pump to buy as close to the allowed amount as possible. My husband then pours the gas can gas into his car, usually getting enough for a week and a half of driving for him.

    Good info on KMart's promotion. I'll check that out here.


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