Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

The weather here in Tennessee is both sunny and warm with brilliant blue skies and all the beautiful colors of Fall.  The humidity from the summer months has passed and that makes people want to get outdoors more and with that comes plenty of Fall yard sales. We passed so many yesterday on our way to town, but we did stop at one just to look around. I'm glad we did too because we found two twin sized comforters, which are pictured above. They will be perfect on my daughter's twin sized bed.

She also found this backpack, which hasn't been used. She has been wanting a backpack styled like this one, so we picked this up as well.

We brought the comforters home last night and put them in the washer and once they came out she noticed one of them had a tear along the seam. So, I took out some needle and thread and stitched the opening closed. It is better to take care of a small mending job now rather than allow the tear to get bigger over time. Plus it's a good thing to take care of the things you have so that they will last longer. 

You know what the best part of all of this is? We paid $1.50 for all three items! I couldn't believe the sweet elderly lady selling these things sold them to us for 50¢ each. She could have easily asked $5.00 for each of the comforters. So we are tickled over our yard sale finds from yesterday and just wanted to share. 

Have you found any good yard sale deals lately?

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  1. Hi Belinda,
    The quilt in the top photo I recognize. We bought the waste basket in that same pattern. It's in my daughters' room. Great finds!

  2. Very girly! Love them. She must be a very happy young lady this weekend.

  3. Great finds. I always do the same, repair things as soon as I can to pevent it getting worse.

  4. Great price and I love the bright colors.


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