Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Little Debbie Thrift Store

Little Debbie, a company which makes snack cakes, has a thrift store located in Cleveland, Tennessee at 68 Mouse Creek Road. Cleveland is one of two towns where I normally shop for groceries. The Little Debbie stores not only sell snack cakes, but also crackers, some bulk foods, and some types of reduced priced breads like Pepperidge Farm and Sarah Lee. I had some time to kill this morning, so decided to make a stop and spent $12.49 and have plenty of sweets and bread to last a couple of weeks or more. Here is a picture of what I bought:
2 boxes of Red Velvet Cakes - 50¢ each
1 loaf Sarah Lee 100% whole wheat bread - $1.39
1 package Pepperidge Farm Goldfish bread - $1.39
1 box of 6 Cheese Danish - $2.00
1 box of 24 Nutty Bars - $2.35
1 box Fudge Cakes - $1.25
1 box of 12 Cosmic Brownies - $2.00
Total Cost: $ 12.49 with tax

© Belinda Richardson and Frugal Workshop, 2011. 
“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without”

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