Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Roundup

Here is a roundup of what I've been reading online today and wanted to share:

Thanks to Pamela at Feral Homemaking, I've been reading Len Penzo and his post on his third annual Brown Bag Survey of the Ten Most Economical Sandwiches.  Len has completed a price survey and chart, which shows per-serving costs for ingredients. I was shocked to see the percentage change in prices from last year. Tomatoes are up 129% while wheat  bread is up 121%. I like Len's writing style and I have used his Use a Ledger to teach Kid's Money Management Skills to my own daughter for over two years now. It is a system that works for my family. 

Cheryl over at Copperswife has an article on Using Your Menu Plan on how to be flexible without being careless and possibly wasting food.  

Thanks to Carol at CT on a Budget for introducing us to a new blog called Cook'N Cents about cooking with Angel Food items. 

J.D. Roth over at Get Rich Slowly has an article on Playing to Win: Turning Money Management into a Game.

What have you been busy reading online this week?

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