Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Rest of the Chicken ~ Chicken & Olive Spread

Using up the last of the chicken, I decided to make a chicken spread for lunch tomorrow. I took what was left from tonight's chicken dinner and added it to my food processor along with a block of cream cheese, bought on sale, and some green olives. 

Chicken & Olive Spread

2 cups chicken, cooked
8 ounces cream cheese
1 cup green olives

Mix together n food processor. 
Use as sandwich filling or on crackers. 

I whipped this up to a good spreading consistency and will have this for lunch tomorrow on crackers. There is enough for at least three people to have lunch with this chicken spread.

I think that without a doubt, I have shown you how to stretch chicken this week to last for four or more meals. I started out with eight chicken breasts on Tuesday and served them for dinner to four people, and then made Lemon Pepper Chicken on Wednesday and served that to four people. 

Tonight, I made Chicken Tacos for two people, and now have enough left for three people for lunch tomorrow. The 8 chicken breasts cost me $10, and I was able to stretch it over four different meals.

What have you been doing in your Frugal Kitchen to stretch food?

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without”


  1. I do the same, Belinda. I notice some bloggers never seem to have the same thing the next night (whether disguised or not)but even when I cooked for a family of 5, I usually planned for leftovers and I'm not talking lunches. I made sure I had plenty of sides so the family didn't 'pig out- on the entree! I love to bake but we reserved desserts for special occasions except cookies. I also admit to serving plenty of canned vegetables!

  2. We do plenty of canned vegetables here too, Nan. I know that some people frown on them, but they help me save money, so I use them. I can doctor up green beans with onions and olive oil and they taste very good. :)

    It's a great idea to have plenty of sides so that family doesn't pig out on the entree. Mine will do that if I don't offer enough sides.


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