Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coupon Thief Caught

 The Chattanooga Times Free Press ran an article on Wednesday about a coupon thief in Athens. Many of my readers, including myself, are unable to have delivery of the Chattanooga Times Free Press because the paper does not deliver to our rural area, so we depend on picking up papers at the store or in a vending machine where theft sometimes occurs. Here is an article from this week detailing a theft in Athens:

Thief takes Sunday newspapers, clips coupons, and returns them to store

Paula, over at Monroe on a Budget, often writes about this topic. Here is a quote from her article, "Subscribe today to guarantee you get coupons”:

The main detail to be aware of is that single copy papers can, and sometimes are, tampered with on the sales racks. I’ve long told my readers to skip the vending machine papers if they are in search of coupons. You really don’t know who was messing with those unattended papers.

Please let this serve as a reminder, if you are buying your newspapers at the store or in a machine, make sure you check the paper you are buying for coupons if that is one of your reasons for buying the newspaper. 

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  1. Honestly. Is the savings this person realized with the stolen coupons going to outstrip the money they'd have to post for bail?


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