Monday, July 18, 2011

Grocery Run 7-18-2011

My daughter received an invitation for ice cream this evening, so after I dropped her off I took the opportunity to run to Walmart for a few supplies. 

Picked up two sour creams (24 oz), vegetable oil, olive oil, ranch dressing, 3 pound bag of onions, chips, chicken strips, and tator tots. I was just about out of any kind of oil in the kitchen. I like to buy the big bottles at Walmart and while they do cost more upfront, they are cheaper than buying the smaller bottles and they last for a long time. For example, the one gallon bottle of Great Value vegetable oil is $6.68, which works out to 5 cents per ounce. The 48 ounce bottle works out to about 8 cents per ounce. That might seem a small amount, but trust does add up over time. :)

I did want to make a note here that the sour cream, which is an item I buy regularly has gone up in price to $2.08 up from $1.78. I've enjoyed writing this blog so much because it has become a record of grocery items I buy and the price I paid. I love having this information available to me at a later date.

The chicken strips, chip and tator tots are for my daughter's sleepover tomorrow night. Everything was Great Value brand except for the chicken strips, so no need for coupons tonight. Total spent tonight was $45.69 for groceries and my total for July is up to $137.78.


  1. Seems that everytime one returns to the store, prices are up. : (

  2. It sure does seem that way. :(


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