Thursday, June 9, 2011

Use It Up

One of the ways I save money in my kitchen is by keeping an inventory of items in my pantry. I try to be mindful of the items located there and use them up before they become outdated. Tossing items that are no longer useful because I’ve let them go bad is a waste of my money, and something I strive to avoid. 

Last summer I came across a great sale at a local store for various crash and burn items. Everything was 5 for $1.00 and I happened to find 3 boxes of Lipton tea bags in the 16 count box. 

I’ve had these in my pantry since then and haven’t used them because they are not decaffeinated. My daughter and I do not sleep well when we drink caffeine, so I avoid it at all costs during the school year when sleep is essential. 

Since school is out now and sleeping in is an option I am now in a position to use these tea bags. And so, this week I've made 3 gallons of tea using these tea bags.


  1. Good post. Another idea would be to mix decaf tea bags with cafeinated, reg. tea bags to reduce the caffeine amount. That's what I do. : )


  2. Oh that is a great idea, Carol! Thanks. :)


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