Friday, December 28, 2018

Frugal Friday December 28, 2018

Here are the kitties lined up one morning this week patiently waiting on breakfast. From left to right is Miss Kitty, Salem, Sherloc, Simba, and Polk Dot. 

Frugal things we've done this week:

- I returned several items of clothing that I'd ordered online instead of just letting them sit in my closet. I'll be looking for a refund in the future. 

- One of my teacher friends gave me a jar of homemade apple butter. 

- This year we skipped the gift giving at three of the holiday parties we attended. We didn't need another ornament, and we didn't need any knick knacks. We did buy for each other knowing what we truly needed and wanted. 

- My daughter's extended family invited both of us to their family get together on Saturday. They were serving finger foods and we brought Tuna Pate, which the hostess always enjoyed when I made it. 

Dinners this Week:
Friday: Hamburgers & Potato Chips
Saturday: Deconstructed Egg Rolls
Monday: Christmas Eve 
Tuesday: Christmas 
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday:  Ham & Cheese Sliders, Carrot Sticks & Cukes with Ranch

Freebies This Week:
- Free Bagel from Panera
- 2 dozen eggs from Walmart & app
- Poinsettia

I was putting groceries in my car yesterday and this lady stopped and got out of her van and said she wanted me to have this poinsettia. It was such a sweet gesture on her part. 

While I was at Kroger yesterday I picked up a two pound bag of cranberries for $2.00. Several yogurts marked down to 39¢, 49¢, and 59¢. I also picked up a box of greens marked down to $1.99 along with some marked down bananas for $1.10.

We also went to Walmart to look at the Christmas clearance. We had already eaten lunch, so none of the candy or baking items were appealing to either of us although we did pick up some of the mixed nuts. 

We also bought bows and wrapping paper, which was all 50% off and my daughter picked up two Christmas decorations she has been wanting.  

That's all there is to report from here this week. How was your week?

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. Your kitties are so adorable. I love the way they are sitting all in a line. So cute. :)

    I had a very frugal week because I stayed home all week. And no online shopping either. :)

    I hope you and Bailey have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you, Nil. We love them so much. Good for you for staying home all week and being frugal. That's a great way to save money. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. :)

  2. Good shopping. I got NO after Christmas deals - didn't need a thing for the next few years!
    Oh my goodness, I love your kitty babies. They are beautiful! My outdoor kitties are sitting at the backdoor every morning - patiently waiting!
    Thank you for taking care of them.
    Enjoy your weekend

    1. Thank you, Cheryl We love our kitties here. We will always take care of them even if some of them just showed up one day. LOL I know you love your kitties too. I hope you have a great weekend. :)

  3. The poinsettia is just beautiful. And the cats....lovely!

  4. I feel like we spent a lot this week, but we also stocked up on a few things we need at our vacation house, did some home repairs, and found extremely inexpensive soccer cleats for our youngest. So, there were a few frugal wins in there.

    1. SOunds great, even a few frugal wins are helpful. :)


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