Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Walmart Trip 6-7-11

Made a trip to Walmart today to buy groceries. My total before coupons was $106.82, and I saved $22.35 using coupons for an out of pocket expense of $79.27 for everything you see pictured above. My total spent on food in June 2011 so far is $89.71.

Here is a list of what I bought:  

2 bags GV rippled chips, 3 pckgs Nestle Quick, 2 pckgs Knorr rice mixes, 1 pckg Kit Kats, 1 pckg Hershey bars, 2 pckgs Ball Park hot dogs, 2 pckgs pepperoni, 2 pckgs Kraft cheese, 1 pckg Sargento cheese, 1 Hillshire Farms kielbasa, 4 paper towels, sourdough bread, Lipton tea bags, Club crackers, Cheeze-It crackers, Lender bagels, Flour tortillas, 4 pckgs. Linguine, 1 – 2 liter Dr. Pepper (coke rewards points), 3 jars pickles, 2 boxes popcorn, Slim Jims, band aids, cottage cheese, Country Crock, 4 cream cheese (Was $1.98, but priced matched from Cooke's 99 cent sale), 1 yogurt, and 2 Degree deodorant.  


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