Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pop-Tarts ~ A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Several posters were discussing Pop-Tarts on a message board that I frequent. I made the argument that oatmeal, eggs, and whole grain bread were cheaper than a box of Pop-Tarts. One poster's counter argument was this:
Oatmeal...not much. The last time I bought oatmeal it was $3.89 for the small container.
Eggs...MAYBE one dozen on sale. (A dozen eggs is normally $2.69 a dozen)
Whole Grain bread...can't touch it. (I don't even bother looking at the price anymore because I stopped buying it when it got to $3.29 a loaf)
Pop-tarts are regularly $2.00 a box here. With a coupon, I can get them for $1.25 a box
I thought about what she said, and this morning while I was at the grocery store I decided to take some pictures. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. :)

Oatmeal - $1.00 

Eggs - $1.12

100% Whole Grain Bread - 88 cents

Pop-Tarts - $2.17 (On Sale!)

And while I'm at it, I might as well throw in some peanut butter. I can buy two jars this week and still spend less than the box of Pop-Tarts. In fact, I could buy the bread and peanut butter and make about a dozen peanut butter sandwiches for less than the box of 8 Pop-Tarts and the sandwiches would not only be cheaper, but also more filling because of the protein in the peanut butter.

I am not against Pop-Tarts and I do believe that parents should use the tools that work for them. And I know how busy school and work mornings can be. I just believe that there are cheaper alternatives for breakfast. And, breakfasts with a little protein in them will help satisfy those hungry tummies until lunchtime.


  1. Good post. We rarely have poptarts or their generic equivalent here, as I believe there are better options. I won't pay more than $1/reg box or $2 a large box of 8. 4 kids=one large box. Never mind Mom and Dad's bfst. I can make or sometimes buy whole grain breads for less. On average, 16-18 slices/loaf so call this 8 servings (Yay! we all get to eat!). Add sale purchased margarine/p butter or homemade jam and I am under $2.
    A 42 oz canister of plain oats is $1.72 at Aldis. It makes 30 servings but we tend to eat big bowls of oatmeal so call it 15. 2+ breakfasts @ 69 cents/6 people for double bowl servings, add brown sugar/fruit/spices-still super cheap, and very healthy alternative.

    I easily can get a qt of low fat, vanilla yogurt for $2, sometimes less. Sprinkle fruit/toasted oats/nuts/cereal/fruit etc and there is another quick bfst.

    2 working parent family with everyone out the door by 7 a.m.-I understand morning rush. plan ahead: make a bfst menu of ideas, boil eggs ahead, make a quick bread or 2 or muffins on a day off/weekend, make yogurt parfaits the night before-anything done ahead will ease the morning craziness.

    I am not condoning anyone who makes different choices, rather I am pointing out that there are affordable alternatives which may work for others.

  2. Excellent post, Carol. :) That is the point I was trying to make as well that there are cheaper alternatives out there.

    If we have Pop-tarts in the house it is because my Mother gave us some, but even so that is rare. It's probably been two years since we've had any here. There are so many other alternatives that taste better at least to me.

    I've made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and ham & cheese sandwiches for breakfast too if I'm in a rut, or in a pinch, and can't think of anything else.

    Pop-Tarts wouldn't keep my dd from being hungry before lunch, which is the reason I like to include some protein with her breakfast. I'm not always successful as she still gets hungry before lunch sometimes, but it works for us.

    And I agree...not condoning anyone who makes them a regular part of their diet. :)

  3. I can't remember the last time I saw oatmeal for $1. That's a stock-up price for me.

    But this is a good post!

  4. Thank you, Paula. :) It's so nice to "see" you over here. I enjoy reading your blog. Yes, the $1 oatmeal is a great price. :)


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