Monday, June 20, 2011

Homemade Baking verses Storebought Sweets

Recently I priced matched some Pillsbury brownies that were on sale for 99 cents a box.  I made a batch this morning to have something sweet to eat on hand. There is one variety of Little Debbie snack cake that I enjoy, but didn't buy very often. Maybe once every three months or so, and when I went to purchase a box recently, I noticed the price had increased to $1.79 for 5 small cakes. That is a budget buster for me and I decided to not buy them and find a different alternative, which is why the brownies came into play. 

In the past I have made brownies from scratch, but the price of cocoa has went up recently too and rather than pay $6 for a small box of cocoa, I am waiting to find a good deal on it. My sale bought brownies ended up making fifteen generous sized brownies, which even with eggs and oil added in, is definitely cheaper than the box of Little Debbies. 


  1. I stopped buying cookies a few years ago (except an occassional, rare sale plus cpn deal of Aldi's "oreos" and "fig newtons" for the same reason. Too expensive for what you end up with. Sorry Girl Scouts-same situation with them, too. : (

    We bake from scratch or sometimes a mix. Aldi's brownie mixes are excellent and only 99 cents!


  2. Good deal for the brownies at Aldi. I noticed Bi-Lo has the Pillsbury brownies on sale again this week for 99 cents. I agree with the GS cookies, and don't buy them now, although we did support them when my daughter was involved with them.


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