Friday, June 10, 2011

Bi-Lo: Marked Down Produce

The Bi-Lo on the Bypass in Cleveland sells marked down produce in pre-priced bags for $1.49. I picked up four bags today for $5.96 and now have 1 bag of pears (8 in all), 1 bag with 4 giant red peppers, 1 bag of a variety of tomatoes, and one bag of peaches. The other Bi-Lo in town does not do that, so it really pay to shop at both of them if possible.


  1. good tip to share! I get bags of veggies for $1/bag @ Xpect discounts-a twin store to Marc's of Ohio. Great way to reign in costs on fresh produce, which are now starting to go down finally!

  2. Thanks, Carol. $1 a bag is terrific! So glad to see produce prices coming down. Every little bit helps.


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