Thursday, August 13, 2015


My daughter was still in a great deal of pain yesterday, so I dropped by the pharmacy and picked up some Azo that the pharmacist recommended and that did seem to help some. I am hoping the antibiotic will kick in soon. 

After dropping her off at school today, I came home and went to work in the kitchen. Using pantry supplies I have on hand, I first made two pineapple upside down cakes.  I did not have maraschino cherries, so I just left them out, which was no big deal. Cost was under $2.00 to make these. 

This is what one of them looked like after came out of the oven.

We ate all the jello I had made the other day, so I went ahead and made more using up two cans of mixed fruit and two boxes of jello from the pantry. This only cost me 50¢ as the fruit was given to me. 

This is before it set up. It will look better after it gels.

I then cooked off the chickpeas I had soaking and made Mock Tuna Salad. I just cook the beans, mash them and add sweet pickle relish, celery seed, and mayonnaise. We really like it as it tastes just as good as tuna salad without the worries about contaminated tuna. My daughter really likes this, which just tickles me because she wasn't crazy about tuna salad like she is this dish. 

This is what it looks like afterwards, just like tuna. 

I did not work today, but am scheduled for a full day tomorrow. I already have plenty of food prepared to take for lunches and I'll be bringing ice water to drink in my thermos. 

Our air conditioner has frozen up this afternoon because of being used so much due to the heat wave. Dinner will be something cold like pasta salad, jello salad, or a sandwich as it is 81° in the house and really too hot to cook or even want to eat for that matter. I'm concerned that the a/c may be on its way out as it did this about a month ago. I turned it off for the rest of that evening and night and it worked fine the next day.  

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  1. save your chic pea water as an egg substitute. I have yet to try it; it's a vegan alternative gaining popularity with the egg shortage.

  2. Oh my goodness, that pineapple upside cake looks delicious! I haven't had that in years. And it doesn't really need the cherries, looks beautiful as it is!

    You've mentioned the chickpea substitute for tuna salad before. I'll give that a try for an alternative to our usual bean spread. Thanks for the idea.

    I hope your A/C makes it another year!

    1. Thanks, Lili. The cake was good even without cherries. Me too on the a/c.

  3. Now you just need a jar of my homemade pepper relish to put into that Mock Tuna Salad. If we ever get together I'll bring you a jar.

  4. I to hope the a/c works again. Do you have an actual recipe for the chickpea dish?

    1. Thanks, Gill. No recipe, I just add items until it looks right. I did start out with one pound of chick peas though. :)

  5. Sorry about the air-conditioner. 1960's, we had same problem with a much-used one passed on to us. If you have not already, tap "window air-conditioner+freezing" into YouTube. We used ours for 9 years before passing it along to a friend. :):):)

    1. Oh, I will do that, Anna. Didn't even think to do that. Thanks! :)

  6. What yummy food chickpeas instead of tuna sounds great . I do not have a
    pressure cooker can I just do them on the stove top. The ac may just need the coils vacuumed and the filter washed.Hope your daughter feels better soon. Patti

    1. Yes, you can do them on the stove top, Patti. I hope you enjoy them. :)

      We did wash the filter and vacuumed it very well and that did help a great deal. I do think it is on its last leg though. Right now it seems to be doing Ok though. Thanks for the suggestion. :)


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