Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday ~ Leftover Wizardry

On Friday I went grocery shopping for a few things and then came home and cleaned the kitchen. This morning I woke up and gathered up the garbage and took it the the dumpsters. Guess who I saw when I was there? The principal at the high school. I've seen him all over town this week, while subbing at the high school, while subbing at the middle school, and then today. LOL..such is life in a small town.  :)

Dinner tonight will be leftover wizardry. I'm going to take some of the Taco Style Lentils & Rice that I made last Saturday (I froze the leftovers) and add some pinto beans and sour cream to that. I will then take some corn tortillas and roll them up with a small amount of the mixture in each one. Then add enchilada sauce to the top and top with shredded cheddar cheese bake until done. I will serve this with sliced tomatoes and corn. 

Update ~ The Nutty Applesauce Bread recipe that I shared with you last weekend is really good! I even left the nuts out of it because I did not have any. I liked the bread even better than the muffins, although my daughter liked the muffins better. 

Groceries - I got a few good deals yesterday. I bought a 20 pound bag of potatoes at Cooke's for $3.99. The same bag sells for $4.99 plus 10% at Fresh & Low, so I knew this was a good deal. Bi-Lo has been sold and will be switching to Food City during the next month. They have greetings cards marked at 90% off now. I went ahead and bought a few graduation cards for May since my daughter and her friends will be graduating then.  


20 pound bag of potatoes - $3.99
Cheddar Cheese - 2 pounds - $5.99
Saltine Crackers  - $1.00

Tortillas - $1.29
Graduation Cards - 90% off

Great Clips - I went ahead and got my haircut on Friday with coupon for $7.99, which is a savings of $5.01 off the $13.00 price. 

Crash & Burn

I found two bags of corn meal at Cooke's. This is the kind I like, straight cornmeal with no flour like corn meal mix has. These were marked down to $1.82 each, which is a good price for five pound bags. 


I subbed four days this week. Some photos from the week...

One of the teachers ordered a salad for lunch and then someone brought her a lunch, so she asked me if I wanted her salad, which was so sweet of her. So here is my lunch one day this week...

A couple of lunches I brought this week...

Our waters one day this week, which were free from CVS for refilling our prescriptions...

My daughter's school lunch one day this week.. 

I saw this on the board at Walmart by the cash registers... 

It is titled, "Daily Front End Objectives". 

It states, "If you don't ask they won't apply, so ask. Our credit card goal for today is 10. We can succeed". 

Ugh, dislike. 

Lastly, I've been working on my sewing machine today. YouTube is like the layman's terms for non professionals. There are so many videos on there on how to fix your sewing machine. Mine doesn't want to take up the bobbin thread, so I am trying to fix it rather than pay $120 to $160 at the repair shop just to have them look at it. I know they have to make money too, but I could buy a new machine at Walmart for $79.  

How was your week?

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thyme2Bthrifty said...

If you can't repair sewing machine, head over to WalMart. However, I do not like the credit card goal for their workers. In 1968, I bought a Kenmore sewing machine that operates as well as the day it was bought, and on it I've sewn without end, telling that I was chained to it. lol.

Belinda said...

LOL, Anna. I remember your sewing stories fondly. :) Mom has a Kenmore sewing machine somewhere buried in her closet. I may have to persuade B to dig it out for me. lol

thyme2Bthrifty said...

The first thing that came to mind was making a DD's wedding dress and hand sewing more than 13,000 pearls onto the dress. In fact, we had more than one pre-wedding dinner when family members, men and women, sewed a pearl onto the dress. One of those special memories... almost 23 years later.

Immediately after the wedding dress memory came to mind, I recalled a beautiful dress I made for one of my college DDs. At a bottoms-out sale, I bought designer 60" fabric for $3 to make a stunning dress. No zipper and already had a previously used pattern and thread. She first wore the dress to a wedding where eyes were drawn to her.

Thanks for the memories.

There are times, we accomplish the unforeseen.

Belinda said...

Such beautiful memories..ones your daughters will cherish forever. :)

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