Friday, August 21, 2015


 We made it to Friday! I worked four days this past week and had today off. Good thing too since the air conditioner went out on my car again on Thursday evening. I took it to the dealership this morning. Turns out the blower resistor and connector were melted! Since it was still under warranty they replaced it at no charge to me. Let's hope that will be the end of this particular problem. 

I made granola bars on either Sunday or Monday in order for my daughter to take to school as a snack. 

And of course I keep the lids to all my peanut butter jars since they fit a mason jar perfectly. 

Publix Cranberry Deal

One of my good deals this week came from Publix where I used a raincheck from last week. They had Ocean Spray Craisins on sale for buy one get one free. I had 50¢ coupons that doubled, so I paid 37¢ each for eight bags. 

Publix French Fry Deal

Publix has Ore Ida french fries on sale this week and we had coupons that doubled. We paid 75¢ each for four bags. Not sure if you can see them or not, but there are four bag in there and a HUGE bag of chocolate chips on top. 

Free Food

We were lucky enough this week to get a little bit of free food too from a friend. We received five bottles of juice, two bags of Brookside Clusters, five packages of breakfast cookies, one can of honey roasted mixed nuts, one package of cheese snacks, the package of chocolate chips, and two quarts of milk all for free. 

The second carton of milk is in the back behind the juice. 

School Lunch Woes

Something happened at school today that has me angry. My daughter has enough credits that she does not have to attend the full day of school. They are on a four block schedule, and she has a class first and second block, and is a teacher's aide for her third block and can then go home. She does not have to stay for fourth block. 

The first week she was able to leave after her teacher's aide class and not have to stay for lunch. This week they want the seniors to stay through lunch. She does not want to do this and really would rather come home, but she follows their rules. 

I know I've told you in the past that she has low blood sugar and she really needs to eat something by this time of day. When she got there today she was at the end of the line and the cafeteria ran out of food. There were sixteen students including her that still needed to eat, so they cooked more food, but ran out again before she was able to get any food (she was the last one in line). 

She was the only one who did not get any food. So, they went to cook more for her, but by this time she had given up on them, she was shaking and needed food. She left and went and sat down.Thankfully she had one of the granola bars I made for her and she ate that.  At 1:20 as the bell is ringing signaling the end of lunch, they come to get her to tell her they have more food. She was embarrassed that they came into the cafeteria and approached her about this in front of her friends. She told them no thanks, she was leaving, and then left. 

Whenever she has had third lunch, they have run out of food on a regular basis. It has been an ongoing problem and saying anything about it has done no good in the past. She does not want me to say anything about this incident today.  If they are going to force the seniors to stay through lunch then they need to have food for them to eat. If not, let them go home and eat. 

Next week I will be sending food for her to eat.

How has your week been?

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  1. Poor her; the last thing a kid wants is to be singled out and approached in a room full of people. Is there noone they'll listen to about that problem at school ?

    1. Thank you. There are people who will listen, but when we have had a complaint in the past, it has always made the situation worse. Therefore, all through middle school and high school we have just kept quiet rather than say anything.

  2. you scored some awesome deals and were blessed with some great freebies. Sorry about what happened to dd. That is a medical condition, document it under 504 laws and the school must comply-switch her to first lunch, problem solved.

    1. Such great advice, thank you, Carol. I will definitely look into these.

  3. I feel for your daughter. Not just the low-blood sugar issues, but the embarrassment of going through all of this. Teens do not like to be singled out for anything -- even in the cafeteria. I would see if I couldn't get a medical exemption for having to stay through lunch period.

    Good luck.

    1. Thanks, Lili. Being embarrassed is her number one dislike. If I am speaking to her too loudly in a store, she will give me the wide eyes and I know to be quieter. Her friends were like, "Uh, lunch is over."

  4. My dd hated buying lunch in high school because the lines were so long. They didn't run out of food, but she said by the time you got your food you only had a few minutes to eat it. She brought her lunch most of the time.

    1. That is what I would do too, Mary Lou. I like to have time to myself to relax some during lunch.

  5. I like the way you use your peanut butter lids on Mason jars. Pretty.

    Time allowed for school lunches has gotten shorter through the years. My kiddos barely had 20 minutes.

    1. So true, Anna. The time just gets shorter and shorter. They allow two hours for lunch. There is enough time in there to allow them to extend the three lunch periods by even just 5 minutes would be helpful.


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