Monday, August 3, 2015



More Coupon Deals

On Thursday, we took my Mom to one of her doctor appointments, so since we were in town, we decided to stop and get in on a few good coupon deals. My daughter did the work on these deals and we ended up paying $1.35 for everything you see in the photos above. 

She used a combination of sales, b1g1f coupon deals, and even had overage, which is why you see the Mentos in the photo. The Bi-Lo cashier said she could not have overage, so she bought those to bring her total over a negative balance. She is a great couponer.  :)

We will be donating most of the pickles and the Colgate toothpaste as they are not ones we will use anytime soon. 

Use It Up

I took a cue from Carol over at CT on a Budget and used up two of the BBQ sauces I had in the condiments bag in our refrigerator. One of them is from a school lunch. My daughter was bringing hers home this year and putting them in the bag. I put these in our crockpot the other day along with the pork ribs. I ended up making a pasta salad to go along with that the other day and also used up the lone ranch dressing pack that was in the condiments bag. It is good to use these items up and not let them go to waste. 

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  1. Awesome coupn deals! so nice to share the blessing

  2. I think it is great that you can get all kinds of free stuff to donate. Makes me wonder why more people don't do it. Here in Canada you just don't get the same couponing deals or I certainly would coupon just to donate to the food bank.

    Your daughter is good at it. Bet she makes you proud :).

  3. Thank you both. And yes, Theresa she makes me very proud. I can always count on her getting something free each week.

  4. Testing...testing...testing...

  5. You must have a really awesome daughter!!!

    1. A big shout out to my daughter for that post. Is anyone else having trouble posting? You can email me at to let me know.

  6. We should get our DDs together to shop with coupons. They would be like the Black Friday three-some here who work together to get the best deals available --->> and they get them. Always big article about their findings and savings.


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