Friday, August 7, 2015

Use It Up Mode

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Use It Up Mode

As usual, we are in use it up mode during the summer months because of my reduced income. We have had enough food all summer because of all the stocking up on sale food I purchased during the school year. 

Now I will admit that sometimes I have to get creative in the kitchen, and I have been cooking from scratch more than I do on a normal basis. For example, I have several boxes of cake mix on hand, but no frosting. But, I do have the ingredients to make frosting from scratch, so I made a cake for dessert today with homemade frosting. I only have one egg, so I made this cake without eggs. It is a little crumbly, but still tastes good. And that has been my routine this summer to make do with what we have on hand. 

As a result of using all these items up, I have a growing list of items I have run out of this summer, but for some reason it makes me feel good to use up the items from the pantry. I have even used up at least three bottles of spices this summer.

Dinner Tonight

Dinner tonight will be soup, which I've made using a couple of bags of BirdsEye protein vegetable blends my daughter picked up while couponing. We paid 40¢ for each bag and I added three carrots from my produce bin, one onion, one can of tomatoes, one can of mixed vegetables, one box of crash and burn chicken broth, one bowl of taco style lentils from the freezer and several spices along with salt and pepper. There is plenty left over after supper too for tomorrow's lunch. 

Yesterday's dinner was Pasta Salad, which I made using some on sale pasta, parmesan cheese with herbs, tomatoes, red pepper, cucumbers, radishes, peas, and for sauce I used a combination of ranch and Italian salad dressings. There was plenty leftover for lunches today. 

Back to School Tax Free Weekend

This weekend is the back to school tax free weekend for Tennessee. We already have plenty of school supplies left over from previous years and my daughter has not changed clothing sizes, so she does not need any clothing. So, I won't be doing any spending this weekend since there isn't anything I need to buy for back to school.

School starts back on Monday! 

Live simply by not spending money you don't have.
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  1. Got canned chick peas? I have yet to try it but the water from the can is a vegan egg substitute. Soy flour also works. Hath

  2. I don't have any canned chick peas, but I do have dried. I wonder if they would work. I need to make some this weekend for mock tuna salad anyway. I don't have any soy flour. I need to get some to keep in the freezer for such an occasion. Thanks, Carol. :)


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