Sunday, August 9, 2015


Sunday Dinner will be a Vegetable Stir Fry. I started out by cutting up half of a cabbage from the crisper, and added broccoli, yellow peppers, and a teriyaki stir fry sauce (3 for $1.00 at UGO) from the freezer, and a wild rice pilaf mix, soy sauce, water chestnuts, and pineapple from the pantry. The rice was free after a coupon deal. The peppers were free, and the pineapple was 20¢ after coupon. So, this dinner cost under $4.00 to feed my family of three. 

I also made another pasta salad while I was in the kitchen. I used my last two packages of on sale pasta (rotini) to make enough pasta salad, hopefully, to last for several lunches the next few days. I added tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, and radishes from the crisper. Black olives, the last of a bottle of Suddenly Salad topping, and some Ranch and Italian dressing from the pantry, and also added some peas & broccoli from the freezer. Again, It gave me a good feeling to use up some more items from the pantry. 

Breakfast and lunch are free to all students again this year, so that will be very helpful, although my daughter prefers breakfast at home. I do have some breakfast burritos for her in the freezer ready to go. All she or I have to do is heat them in the morning. 

I took an inventory of my freezers and pantry yesterday and did find a couple of things I had forgotten that I had, so I am incorporating them into my meal plans for the week. This is the reason it is important to stay on top of your freezer and pantry inventory, so items don't get lost in the shuffle and expire before you are able to use them and get your money's worth out of them. 

I've got some beans on soaking for another meal one day this week. I will be making baked beans with these and adding hot dogs as well. 

Other items on the dinner menu, not in any particular order, this week will include...

- Bean & Cheese Enchiladas
- Chili Mac (using my last box of Elbow Mac & last package of Beef)
- Smoked Sausage, Potatoes & Green Beans
- Baked Potatoes with Sour Cream, Broccoli 
- Hot Dogs & Baked Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Corn

For now I have all the laundry cleaned, folded, and put away, for at least five minutes. lol 

I've got our alarms turned back on for our first day back to school in the morning. I have my clothes laid out already. My daughter has been getting her school supplies in order along with getting her outfits picked out and her water bottle and snack. She gets low blood sugar at school and needs to have a snack with her. I am not subbing so far this week, but already have the first three days of next week booked. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. You are so organized ! I love the way you have food planned well in advance. That is the thing I have got the most difficulty with and yet I need to get that domain sorted out, I know ! xxx

    1. Thank you. It is easier with no school. Next week I will probably be crazy. lol

  2. Your dinner sounds so tasty! Love that you were also able to use your time wisely in the kitchen and make some things ahead/plan. we will be eating down our stores as well, hoping to resist the temptation to stock up, as I will be moving in a tear and for,t want to have to move too much food with me in the process.

    1. I would do the same thing if I were you, Carol. I would not want to move a lot of food. Good planning on your part to use it up now.

  3. Good planning and cooking. Have a good school year.


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